Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pink Hair.

Denna Beena and Travis Fillmen sometimes have friends over at their College Park home. They host outdoor screenings on their lawn of quirky classics like "Goonies."  Denna has appeared in quite a few of my sketches. She is easy to pick out, because of her bright pink hair. As a matter of fact. I keep a second palette m my art bag specifically because it has just the right hot pink.

I sketched Denna and Travis' wedding. A mannequin stood on stage with the wedding couple, and I was glad to to see that he had a permanent place in their home.

On this evening, Denna was helping a friend put pink streaks in her hair. Her black cat had a full run of the place from it's high cabinet perch. A cross country sky exercise machine dominated the room. Travis has a gorgeous fresh water planted fish and gorgeous. It kind of makes me want to get back into the hobby.

Outside there was a Barbecue of hot dogs and hamburgers with plenty of time to mix and mingle before the movie screening. I had never seen Goonies before and I enjoyed the adolescent humor and simple quest for treasure. Simple pleasures like this make it fun to live in Orlando.

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