Wednesday, May 31, 2017

PeeVira's SCAREavan at Fringe.

I went to a press preview for PeeVira's SCAREavan at the Orlando International Fringe Festival. The van pulled up in front of the Orlando Shakespeare Theater. A chauffeur wearing a black cap came out and welcomed the audience. She guided us ti the back of the van and opened the doors. A blood spattered curtain welcomed  us. This felt a bit more like a kidnapping rather than a show. we piled in and wedged ourselves up against the walls of the van cabin. I started sketching the cramped quarters immediately. We lurched forward and the show was on the move.

The van was driving over cobblestones. It made sketching a real challenge. Then PeeVira opened the curtain and sate back in the cabin with us. She got a phone call from a menacing third party and was told that if the people in the van didn't answer trivia questions, then the van would be blown up. Each of us were given a microphone and we began singing a series of 70s and 80s TV theme songs. Luckily one passenger knew her stuff. Each right answers was awarded with some smarties candy. I managed to win one round by knowing the theme song for Sex and the City.

Most pop music trivia however eluded me and I kept getting soaked with a penis water pistol being fired by PeeVira. periodically there was a loud scream and we all wondered if the chauffeur had run over a pedestrian. From my sketching vantage point, I could see that we were circling the Shakespeare parking lot. The show was an unexpected change from the usual Fringe performance. It was fun if a little unnerving.

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