Monday, May 8, 2017

Creative Momentum Gathering: What You Need to Know About Publishing.

Lezlie Laws hosted a creative momentum gathering at Cocina 214, (151 E. Welbourne Ave., Winter Park, FL). The gathering was for authors working on a writing project or dreaming of one. Leslie first emphasized that her goal was to shape the art that we were born to create. No matter where each of us was, on our creative journey, the potential to bloom is always there. She introduced Writing Your Life founder Patricia Charpentier, who helped in each step of the journey, as Leslie self published her book.

Patricia explored the next steps for publishing work. She outlines the publishing model in which it is important to know, who is doing the work, and who is paying. In the traditional model, the publisher does the work and pays. In traditional publishing today, you can't get to a publisher without an agent. In self publishing, you do the work, and you pay the bills. There is now an indie publishing hybrid in which the publisher does the work, and you pay. Patricia does the hybrid model. If you decide to go the hybrid route, it is important to see samples, get the name and contact info for your project manager, and ask about how editing is done. There is line editing, developmental editing, and some hybrid publishers don't even read what you submit.

You need to find out if your preferences in design are considered. How are changes made? When do changes start coating you more money? You need to find out about production. Can you approve a digital proof? Can you see a hard copy proof? Are changes allowed after a proof? How many copies of the book should you order? What is a minimum order? You need to get ISBN numbers and register your book for copyright and register the book with the Library of Congress. Do you want to create an e-book? How will you distribute and market the book? This last question is probably the most critical, and most overlooked.

You need to be an informed writer. You need to have a completed manuscript before you consider the publishing options. Finishing the book is often the hardest task. There are authors who nurse, write, and re-write a book for years. What message do you want to convey? The design of the book is critical. Not every graphic designer is a good book designer. You need to make decisions slowly and deliberately. You have to remain open to the magic. The final cost of self publishing a book might run along the lines of the cost of a really nice family vacation. As a hybrid publisher, Patricia might open the door, but it is up to the author to walk through.

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