Thursday, March 16, 2017

Corporate 5K.

While driving through the Milk District, traffic backed up due to a corporate 5k run. Rather than get inpatient or upset, I decided to park my car on a side street and walk over to watch the racers run up Bumby and turn onto Roseland. Police were at the intersection with a motorcycle to keep the peace. Several racers shouted out to thank them for their public service. As I sketched the sun sank in the west casting ever longer shadows. Runners slowly dwindled until there were only walkers and the final staggerers made their way towards Lake Eola. Such runs happen fairly often and signs warn locals about the road closures.

Hoods Up is an abandoned gas station and auto repair shop. With huge development happening in the Milk District, this corner lot is sure to become something new soon. My guess would be a luxury apartment building. A tiny birdhouse was perched on the stop light pole. It is likely the work of local artist Brendan O'Connor. I'm surprised the police weren't shimmying up to take it down. It must be against code.

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