Thursday, February 2, 2017

Memorial for Master Sgt. Debra Clayton, Shot Jan 9, 2017.

Markeith D. Loyd accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend last month,  shot Sgt. Debra Clayton multiple times when she confronted him outside a Walmart near the Pine Hills area west of Orlando, police said. Loyd then fled the scene. After a massive manhunt, Loyd has finally been captured.

Debra's police cruiser has been Parked on the sidewalk in front of Police Headquarters surrounded by black tape as a memorial. Flowers were left on the wind shield and in the first days driving by I noticed large for are wreaths. The car was covered in graffiti one night but the next day Police had it spic and span again. The re was graffiti on , retaining wall I sat next to as I did this sketch. It said, "God Bless U R in our prayers. Much Love." People need to write when faced with death.

The cruiser was defaced just one day after Debra's accused killer appeared in court. The blue marker graffiti didn't offer condolences and flowers from on the hood were knocked to the ground. Police officials said they hope the incident, which happened sometime overnight, was caught on video, adding that an investigation is underway.

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