Monday, February 27, 2017

903 Mills Market Cafe

I met Andy Matchett at 903 Mills Market Cafe (903 S Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32806). We sat outside and had a long conversation. The food was fresh and delicious so we lingered over lunch. My life was in transition, and he was glad to offer advice. We traded war stories and compared wounds. Being able to share me experiences with a friend, helped me set my resolve as my life changed and unfolded moving forward. 

Is Mills Market a Cafe, or a Deli? Now that I'm working on a book about Cafe drawings, I plan to return and sketch in side, to find out. The place has an Earthy vibe with large fresh wraps.

Due to my impending divorce, I am no longer ALLOWED to sell my artwork. I therefore have no means of income. I apologize to any interested buyers. I will post when I am again allowed to earn a living.

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