Thursday, September 8, 2016

When Shadows Fall, the Minotaur's Madness.

The redrum appealed to me the first time I experienced When Shadows Fall. I had been assigned to assist Daedalus (Joe Hall) when I first became a citizen of Penumbra. My tasks never brought me back to this hidden sanctum. I discovered it later as I walked room to room during the first evening's cast party. I needed to sketch this red asylum and thankfully the producers (Sarah Elger and Ricky Brigante) were on board with the idea.

The Minotaur, named Nathanael, (John Reid Adams) was in character from the moment he entered the room. I was cast as an artist, a member of the gold caste of the society, sent by the office to observe his activities. He paced the room and dug his nails into the wall, carving in sayings like "Why" and "What is the point?" Eyes mere everywhere to watch in his movements. When he heard that K. Alexander, Penumbra's founder, had been killed he became quit distraught. Nathanael had been a gold member of society and a close friend of K. Alexander. Alexander's son Nikolai, (Barry Wright), became jealous of the attention his father bestowed upon Nathanial. Nikolai convinced his father to have Nathanial become part of the Citizen's Project, to be transformed in to a Greek godlike being. The surgery went wrong, and Nathanael, now the Minotaur, became mentally unstable and was banished to the Labyrinth.

Despite his abandonment and isolation, the Minotaur remained faithful to K. Alexander, and hoped someday to return and become a productive member of Penumbra society. In a sudden fit of rage, the Minotaur punched the a hole the wall. His knuckles were covered in blood. Much of his angst went unobserved by other citizens. He suffered silently alone, except for the watchful eyes of an artist. Odessa, with hair like Medussa, (Cassandra Heinrich), entered. She was startled by my presence. The Minotaur explained that I had been sent to observe. She saw his bloodied hand and was concerned. She turned to me in rage, "You saw him do this to himself and you did nothing!" I sheepishly explained that I was just there to observe. Odessa had also been a member of the gold caste of society. She comforted so many who suffered and share her fate. I was surprised that this tender moment went unobserved except by me. 

The Minotaur was forcibly removed from his red room and dragged off to surgery. The thugs tried to calm him, "It is for your own good." He returned much late and his broken horn was now restored. Perhaps the surgery had indeed been to his benefit. By remaining still, I managed to discover that the Minotaur wasn't a monster. He was an intellectual, and a romantic idealist. He envisioned Penumbra as the perfect society even though that society cast him aside. 

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