Saturday, September 10, 2016

Thea's Golden Life in When Shadows Fall.

When Shadows Fall is an exciting new form of interactive entertainment that combines live performance with high-tech interactions and immersive environments to create a unique experience like no other. You explore a hyper-real world with shocking visual elements, live professional actors, couture costumes, a rousing original musical score, cinematic lighting, and high-tech interactions that bring familiar video game mechanics to real life.

I have been sketching at each performance, situating myself in one spot rather than exploring the entire labyrinth. Golds are the elite of Penumbra, an ideal futurist society. They are intellectuals and artists. I should fit right in. To my right was a table with a bowl of half used oil paint tubes. Whoever resided in this room must be an artist herself, or have artist friends.

Thea, (Laura Lewis) entered the room, sat on the couch and began reading a book. She wore a gorgeous gold dress and her skin glittered. She turned to me, and said, " You are my artist friend." My roll was cast. Several new citizens entered the room and Thea showed them her room. She was very welcoming. One new citizen started looking through books and tried to piece together ripped up shreds of paper. I was asked if the paper was an important document and I respond that it wasn't important to me. I didn't even include it in my sketch. One citizen wanted to see my sketch, so I turned it around and showed everyone. Thea was impressed with how I sketched her donkey. She then opened a drawer on her dresser to show her guests that she had been sketched many times before.

A golden angel held a small vile. It contained a potent drug and Thea offered some to her guests. One guest described it as "pure bliss." They then went in to the next room of Thea's flat. I had peeked in before I started my sketch. The room contained a large wooden X with leather wrist and ankle straps. Assorted whips and other sexually deviant toys were scattered around. The door clicked closed. I continued to sketch but was distracted by screams of pain or pleasure.  I heard the whoosh and snap as the whip met flesh. After an eternity of screams, Thea returned with her guests. She was so pleased that they had been so willing to play along. I wasn't sure it they had been voyeurs, whippers or whippies.

K. Alexander was the founding father of Penumbra. His sudden death swept through the society. A representative from the office entered Thea's suite and asked her to come in for questioning. She left feeling elated that she was finally taking a greater roll in the society. I continued painting the now empty room alone. Two members of Security entered the room. One asked "Are you a citizen?" I responded, "I am." She said, "Wait outside, Harlan (Brett Carson) might have questions for you."   Harlan glanced at me with my iPad and didn't consider me a threat. When his minion returned, I re-entered the gold quarters and got back to work. I worked until all the lights went dark.

Out in the public town square everyone was assembled. I'm amazed that the outcome of each evening is completely unique. I will not give away details, but I was upset to find out that Golds had been tortured. Thea had seemed so radiant when she left.

Only two performance remain of When Shadows Fall. Every show has been selling out.  Tickets
Friday September 9th, at 8pm is a new show that was just added.
Saturday September 10th at 8PM is SOLD OUT

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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