Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ryan Dustin at the Kerouac House.

Ryan Dustin has been the resident author at the Kerouac House for the last several months. Writers are given a three-month residency. Each writer is provided free lodging at the house, along with a food stipend so they can concentrate fully on their work. To date 51 writers-in-residence from the United States and several other countries have spent time at the Kerouac House working on their projects.

Ryan is working on his first novel, called, "The Horse Mender." It is set in a post apocalyptic world where people are trying to find ways to farm sustainability. A blue sketch of Jack Kerouac peered out over Ryan's should as he read. Prior to starting this novel, Ryan strictly wrote poetry. A poem might take several hours to complete and then he needed to find something to do for the rest of the day. A novel however is a project that is ruthlessly on going.  He might complete six pages a day if he focused completely for the entire duration. As he put it, "Writing a novel is a bit crazy." In the morning as he is lying in bed, thoughts might occur to him about what he should write about that day. Having uninterrupted open expanses of time can change your perspective. It is easy for the usual everyday chores to get in the way of a steadfast focus.

Ryan's shirt was exquisitely wrinkled. I have no doubt that Jack's shirts sported the same level of abandon. I don't want to give away any aspect of the book, but the female lead was a romantic who had grown accustomed to living alone. This character appealed to me. She seemed to fit in perfectly with the sun scorched landscape. Her heart, being so protected seemed to hold the most promise in such a harsh world.

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