Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Inspiration for the World Mural Pulse Orlando.

I went to The Falcon (819 E Washington St, Orlando, Florida) to meet International Mural Artist Michael Pilato and learn about ways to be involved in the new large-scale Pulse Orlando Mural being created in honor of the 49 souls. Michael's talent for painting and passion for transforming the grief-experience into a creation of beauty, inspiration and healing has now led him to Orlando. He gave a brief presentation about his (and his painting partner Yuriy Karabash) unique murals Titled Inspiration soon to be a global movement. Michael explained the creative process in which our entire community will be involved. Local artists of all styles are needed! Michael's deep desire to connect with human spirit inspires his murals to transform beyond his own brush. The entire Orlando community is invited and encouraged to participate in the creation of what will be the largest public art display of Remembrance, Healing, Acceptance, Beauty and LOVE, yet!! All who are wanting to be a part of this endeavor are encouraged to attend. No idea, paintbrush, pencil, crayon or hand print is too small... This is your art. This is our voice. This is Orlando's mural.

Michael was at my 49 portraits event. He was inspired by the varieties of styles seen that night. the Orlando more is still in a state of flux but there is huge support to make this project a reality. H will like take the form of many murals which can also be experienced interactively. If a cell phone is pointed at the mural, software will cause a square to pop up over certain faces on the wall. Interactive media then will tell more of a person's story. Amazingly, when I entered the Falcon,  Michael asked me to be on the board for this project.

There are many layer of meaning behind Michael's murals. He got choked up a he spoke about his daughter, who he was very close to. She died unexpected at the tender age of 19. After her death, a red tailed hawk visited Michael, and he painted the hawk for her in murals. She appears in several places in recent murals, as a flower, and her childhood picture appear behind another larger portrait. A tattoo of d falcon on Michael's wrist remind him of his daughter as he paints. Grief is transformed it beauty. The Orlando mural faces the monumental task of transforming hate into love. I will help in any way I can with this project while continuing my every day sketches try it to understand I tragedy. It is important to note that artists who assist with the mural will be paid. Michael is searching for various styles an each artist is given a panel, or panels to work on in the air conditioned comfort of their own studios. The ideas are still taking form.

Three little girls at the meeting handed out paper hearts with crayon rainbows on them.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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