Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sarah Purser Performed at the Fringe Outdoor Stage.

Sarah Purser is an incredible singer. She has performed with the Opera and she also performs more modern tunes. She sang sultry and sad Joni Mitchell covers in the Fringe Outdoor Stage.   Sarah's husband Marco Bojorquez played the electric bass.

The out door tent was constantly active the year. Orlando's best singers and bands set up on stage about every hour. Jessica Pawli orchestrated the incredible line up of talent. She turned the sleepy outdoor stage into a major attraction in it's second year. I could have been happy sketching in the outdoor tent everyday but of course the lure of the odd and obscene drew me inside to the ticketed Fringe shows as well.

Due to my impending divorce, I am no longer ALLOWED to sell my artwork. I therefore have no means of income. I apologize to any interested buyers. I will post when I am again allowed to earn a living.

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