Sunday, June 19, 2016

Free Meditations with Beautiful Chorus.

After a solid week of non stop vigils and events honoring the victims of the Pulse Terrorist Attack, I decided it would be a good idea to try and re-ground myself with meditation. I noticed a free meditation at the Panic Healing Center. It seemed strange that a healing center would be called Panic, but I was panicked.  I didn't notice until just now that it is actually the Pranic Healing Center of Central Florida (619 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, Fl.)

As I approached, I noticed all the shoes near the entry, so I tool off my shoes and socks. The meditation room was packed with beautiful people peacefully waiting. At the front of the room, for woman sat on a fairly large rug which was surrounded by green Christmas lights. One singer looked very familiar with her beautiful chiseled features.  I couldn't figure out where I had seen her. I couldn't find a good spot to sit in the crowded room.  A woman took pity on me, and suggested I sit up front next to the stage near a fire extinguisher. It was the perfect spot, since it was close to the performers and could look out over the audience.

Ashley Inguanta a talented local writer made her way to the stage and she lead everyone in healing prayers and stretches. Everyone started with one hand ore their heart, and another over their stomach. Hands were then clasped at the chest with the thumbs pressed against the sternum. From this position the heartbeat and breath could be felt. Ashley pointed on that if events get hectic, we could always return to this place of peace. We are all a bit frazzled from this week events. Ashley herself is being pulled emotions in different directions. She finds she keep forgetting things. I have had the same affliction all week.

Beautiful Chorus began to sing. Their voices resonated in perfect harmony. The music reflected peace and love. On the night of June 11th in Orlando, FL, in another LGBTQ friendly venue, less than five miles from where the atrocities at Pulse nightclub took place, the Beautiful Chorus sang "Pulse". A line from the song reads, “But we know better, we’ve sacrificed too many nights to violence, and too many days to shame.” It seemed as if the song were predicting events to come only few hours in the future. The music resonated in my bones. I had to hum along. I was still humming the music long after the meditation and performance was over. The line between meditation and appreciating the beautiful music was subtle.  Alexandra Love was the lead singer. She had a monk like visage. Mila Bella was the performer I recognized. She is also a visual artist and I sketched her once working at a group studio night. I had no idea she had such a beautiful voice. After the performance Milla let me know the she heard me humming in the corner. I was mortified. I hope I didn't interfere with anyone's appreciation of the music. She rather liked the deep notes added however. The song is like an anthem for a city that has lost it's innocence.

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