Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Belly Dance Spirit Healing South of Pulse.

A Magi Temple Belly Dance School (3589 S Orange Ave, Orlando FL). Held a free healing through belly dance class in light of the Pulse Nightclub Tragedy in their neighborhood. Modalities included, healing belly CHI: Transcendental warm-up and stretches, Taksim Chi, Tribal Chi, Joyful Shimmies and Spiritual Chakra Hand and arm Mudras by A Magi Temple Belly Dance School Teachers: Melanie La Joie, Linda Allegro, Cat Bruce and, Rokaya Mikhailenko. The Magi Temple Belly Dance School is located 1 mile south of Pulse Nightclub tragedy and supports healing through belly dance!

It was only as I drove to the event that I realized how close it was to ground Zero of the tragic Terrorist attack at Pulse. Traffic backed up heading south out of Downtown Orlando. I decided to drive down side streets and it looked like about 5 blocks were shut down around the nightclub. Glancing down the side streets I could see all the blinking lights of the emergency vehicles at the crime scene.  It must be difficult to piece together exactly what happened based on the forensics of so many gun shots.

At the Magi Temple, about a dozen women were ready to begin their belly dance healing. Melanie, the Magi owner said that after a week of vigils, we might be ready for some healing. What better way to heal than through the joy of movement. She lives only a few blocks from the Pulse night club, and she remembered being awakened by the sound of gun shots, the sounds of emergency vehicles and the the ongoing sounds of hovering helicopters. Her voice broke as she told us this. Clearly healing takes time.

The stretches got everyone loosened up and then the dancing began. Every woman was a beautiful goddess each in  their own proportions. One woman is expecting a baby girl and she isolated her hip movements with the best of them. After the workshop, several Magi dancers performed with elegant wings and then with fire. Candles lined the front and back baseboards of the studio.

Afterwards we all went outside to project positive loving energy towards the Pulse nightclub. The flickering blue and red lights of emergency vehicles could be seen in the distance. We all joined hands in a large circle.  Melanie began the chant," Peace, Love, Pulse." I joined the chant and immediately started to tear up. The setting sun was so bright I thought. I rubbed my eyes and they stung more. Since the shooting, attendance at the Magi Temple has been way down. People must feel intimidated driving around the crime scene. If you want to heal in a unique way, you should stop by Magi. You will certainly find yourself looser and perhaps feeling more peaceful. I left with a heart full of love yet still saddened inconsolably.

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