Tuesday, April 12, 2016

July 4th Drip Pool Party.

On July 4th, Terry and I went to a Drip Dance pool party. A barbecue kept burgers and hot dogs steaming. All of the dancers an support staff of Drip were there to relax a have fun. A slip and slide was unfurled across the lawn, and terminated at the pool. Guys and girls got a running start, and dove into the pool with a big splash. 

My sketches were done rather fast, so that I could get in some pool time myself. Tie dye pockets were full or red and blue dyes. Dancers took T-Shirts and pinched the fabric using rubber bands. Everyone had their own techniques and every shirt when dry and unfurled was unique. It was a messy fun process. 

Terry, had several small dreads put in her hair on our trip to Australia. Jessica Mariko offered to put a color for tri-colored ribbon in Terry's hair. As usually happens at y party lit this, I met someone who does something fun and creative as a career. A woman next to me did large sculptures for the theme parks. She told me about her projects and it sounds like an unexpected inspiring way t make a living. I'm having to rethink my priorities. I get out and experience a creative rush every day, but not many sketches get sold. Changes need to be made so that I'm less of a voyeur and more of a participant in the Orlando Arts scene. I am starting to reach out to find a job that will keep me in Orlando and challenge me creatively to think out side the box.

All artwork is for sale. Some originals available as well as limited edition prints. Commissions upon request. Please contact artist.

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