Saturday, April 30, 2016

Live painting demo in the Rose Garden.

The Winter Park Paint Out has brought about 25 plein air painters from all over the country to central Florida where they are capturing the area's charm mostly with oils on canvas. From 6pm to 8pm on April 26th, John Guernsey from Marietta Georgia gave an Oil Painting Demonstration on Dynamic Shadows in the Rose Garden in Central Park. Bring a blanket or lawn chair and join us in Central Park by the Rose Garden. Spectators brought lawn chairs to sit and watch as the painting took shape. It was the golden hour, so warm light ignited the scene as the sun set.

John had completed the drawing aspect of the small composition by the time I arrived. He then blocked in dark shadows using a large two inch flat paint brush. He used this brush for the entire painting using mostly vertical and horizontal strokes. The resulting grid was a bit like a pixelated version of the scene. He used the paint thickly and boldly. He worked incredibly fast. When the sun set behind the trees in the west, he stepped away and said he was done. In a conversation with someone, he said that architects and graphic designers are great wit the drawn aspect of a painting, but the messy and abstract blocking in of colors and valves often gives them trouble. Even after the demo was over, John kept adding dark strokes to the canvas to push the value range.

The Paint Out will come to a close with a Garden Party from 6pm to 9pm tonight, April 30th at the Polasek Museum (633 Osceola Ave, Winter Park, FL). Tickets are $100. Each ticket enti­tles the buyer to $50.00 off the pur­chase of a paint­ing dur­ing the Gar­den Party! (Limit one ticket per paint­ing val­ued at $300 or more)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekend Top 6 Picks for April 30th and May 1st.

Saturday April 30, 2016
10am to 4pm Free. Seventh Annual Hannibal Square Heritage Center Folk and Urban Art Festival. Hannibal Square Heritage Center 642 W New England Ave, Winter Park, Florida. The annual festival celebrates culture and diversity through art and music. More than 25 Florida artists offer their works for sale, including members of the original Florida Highwaymen and the B-Side Artists collective. There’s music by the Porchdogs Cajun and Zydeco Band and Orisirisi African Folklore. A “Kid-folk” workshop culminates in a public parade. Food trucks.

Noon to 8pm Free. Earth Fest. Secret Lake Park 200 N Triplet Lake Dr, Casselberry, Florida. The City of Casselberry and Casselberry’s Friends of the Park will be hosting the 7th annual “Earth Fest 2016” , Seminole County’s largest Earth Day event!! The celebration will be held on April 30th, 2016 from 12 Noon till 6 PM, followed by EarthFest Jam concert from 6—8 PM, at its new location in Secret Lake Park-Casselberry. Our goal is to provide a positive venue and unique opportunity for participants to learn about their environment, while sponsors, vendors and artisan’s showcase their Earth-friendly products and services. Earth Fest 2016 is a FREE community sponsored event.

7pm to 9pm $30 per person. Price includes all paint supplies, canvas and a free glass of wine. Wine and Paint Social. Vinyl Arts Bar 75 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida. Join us for some wine and painting. This is a fun and interactive experience where you get to be the artist. Guided by a professional artist, you'll get to paint your own piece of artwork and bring your canvas home with you. This event is great for couples, girl's night out, or just a group of friends wanting to socialize and meet new people. Please arrive 15 minutes early. The painting begins at 7pm sharp.
Bethany Myers is an Orlando artist best known for her brightly colored blind contour paintings and also works in photo realism, mixed media and line drawing. She has taught art to elementary school kids, senior citizens and all ages in-between. Project driven, Bethany has painted street art boxes for the Mills50 organization in downtown Orlando and completed a project in which she produced one painting a week for a year. She is currently working on a mural for a local women's/children's shelter.

Sunday May 1, 2016
1pm to 4pm Free. Music at the Casa. Casa Feliz 656 N Park Ave, Winter Park, FL.

2pm to 4pm $40 The Taste at I-Drive 360! I-Drive 360, Home of the Orlando Eye 8445 International Dr, Orlando, Florida. The Taste at I-Drive 360, will benefit Esophageal Cancer at Florida Hospital. Come and enjoy samplings of food from 9 restaurants featuring a variety of flavorful bites while enjoying all of the attractions the I-Drive 360, Home of the Orlando Eye has to offer!
Ticket includes tastings from the following restaurants:
Outback Steakhouse - Orlando - I-Drive 360
Paramount Fine Foods USA
Buffalo Wild Wings
Tin Roof Orlando
Cowgirls Rockbar Orlando
Sugar Factory Orlando
Naru Sushi Bar Orlando
Tapa Toro

2pm to 4pm Free Yoga. Lake Eola Park, 195 N Rosalind Ave, Orlando, FL near the red pagoda. Every week.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Waimea Canyon on Kauai.

Kauai is the oldest of the large Hawaiian islands. It is the top of an enormous volcano rising from the ocean floor. With lava flows dated to about 5 million years ago. Roughly 4 million years ago, while Kauai was still erupting almost continuously, a portion of the island collapsed. This collapse formed a depression which then filled with lava flows. In the millions of years since, rainwater from the slopes of Mount Waiʻaleʻale have eroded Waimea Canyon along one edge of the collapse. On the east side of the canyon, the cliff walls are built from thick lava flows that pooled in the depression. Over time, the exposed basalt has weathered from its original black to bright red.

The spectacular site is also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. The canyon is ten miles  long and up to 3,000 feet deep. Waimea is Hawaiian for "reddish water", a reference to the erosion of the canyon's red soil. The canyon was formed by a deep incision of the Waimea River arising from the extreme rainfall on the island's central peak, Mount Waiʻaleʻale, among the wettest places on earth.

No single sketch can capture the scale and grandeur of the place. On this vacation, I shot video as well as sketching. The tightly edited video offers a quick glimpse into the island's beauty. Digital storage devices have changed since I edited the video so I need to do a digital transfer if I want to preserve the moving images. That is one good thing about sketches. They can always be seen as long as they aren't destroyed by fire, earthquake, or a meteor strike

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Timucua White House is granted a Conditional Use Permit.

Benoit Glazer and The Timucua Arts Foundation has been providing world class art and music to the Orlando community free of charge for a long while. In 2007 Benoit built a custom home that was built around an acoustically perfect music hall with two levels of balconies overlooking the stage. The living room concert venue is completely soundproof so that neighbors never hear the music. Dozens of performances happen each year, most of them free of charge. Guests bring wine and food to the venue for each concert which cultivates a true sense of a community potluck. The Timucua Arts Foundation, is a benefactor to cutting edge music organizations like the Accidental Music Festival and the Civic Minded 5. The White House has established itself as a culture beacon for the Central Florida Music scene.

The home is in an area zoned for residential use, so the Orlando Municipal Planning Board demanded that Benoit apply for a conditional use permit. That type of permit is typically issued when the city wants to allow an activity beneficial to the community despite zoning restrictions. Without the permit, one of the most enlightened cultural lights in Orlando would be be extinguished. An online petition was established to try and save the White House. Over one hundred people signed it in the first hour. In all 832 people signed the petition.

At 8:30am on April 19th, Benoit and his wife Elaine Corrivev, sat in the City Counsel Chambers to hear the Planning Board's verdict. The Chambers were packed full of supporters for this home spun cultural institution. Jeremy Seghers sat in the row in front of me and Diana Rodriguez Portillo sat next to me to chat. There were so many friends of the arts in the room. The chair, Jason Searl, said he had to abstain from the vote since his little daughter takes piano lessons at the Benoit's house. He clearly couldn't be impartial. With in a matter of minutes, the Conditional Use Permit was granted. There was an audible sigh of relief and then most of the people in the room got up to leave. Exited conversations began and the celebration continued just outside the chamber doors. The concerts will continue with some conditions: Glazer will have to formalize a parking agreement with the city for use of nearby spaces at Wadeview Park, limit attendance to 99 guests and guarantee events end by 10:30 p.m. In some small measure, the bureaucrats won, but music and art will continue to shine at the White House. 

This, we believe:
Art and music belong to everyone.
Art and music are the highest manifestation of our humanity.
Art and music should be enjoyed in the most intimate venue: the living room.
Every community is better when art and music are performed and nurtured within it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Winter Park Paint Out takes over Park Avenue.

The Albin Polasek Museum and Sculp­ture Gar­dens will host its eighth Annual Win­ter Park Paint Out dur­ing the last full week of April 2016. Twenty-five pro­fes­sion­ally acclaimed Plein Air artists will roam across the city cap­tur­ing many of your favorite land­scapes and land­marks with oils, water­col­ors and pas­tels. Plein Air, a French term mean­ing “in the open air”, describes art works painted out­doors with the sub­ject directly in view rather than in a stu­dio. Plein air artists cap­ture the spirit and essence of a landscape or sub­ject by incor­po­rat­ing nat­ural light, color and move­ment into their works.

 If you’re an art lover, a patron, or just curi­ous to see what the buzz is about, stop by the Polasek Museum to see the lat­est from the 25 artists in action! The museum, sculp­ture gar­dens and gallery will be open free to the pub­lic through this excit­ing week-long event. Com­pleted paint­ings will be hung in the gallery’s ‘Wet Room’ imme­di­ately. As the week pro­gressesthe gallery will fill with Plein Air art­work. Be sure to visit often to watch the artists work and to pur­chase these one-of-a kind paint­ings the moment they are hung on the wall.

On Monday, the first day of the Paint Out, I met Robert Ross who was set up near Writer's Block Bookstore just East of Park Avenue on Welborne Avenue. Since Winter Park has just recently passed an ordinance making it illegal to create art or Perform on Park Avenue, I wanted to observe artists who where were immune from the $500 fine and or 60 days in jail for creating art in the forbidden zone. Each painter I saw on that day to had a Winter Park Paint Out sign which was a visual hint to police that they were sanctioned by the Museum. Several Russian women stopped to watch Rob a work, and shoot some photos. I passed four Plein Air painters hard at work as I walked back to my car. Odd that a city that just recently outlawed art should suddenly be over run by 25 artists from around the country for a week. why not allow free expression all year?

Mark Your Calendar for the free Paint Out demonstrations and workshops. Tonight April 26th, there is the "Dynamic Shadows Oil Painting Demonstration" by John Guernsey.  Bring a blanket or lawn chair and join us in Central Park by the Rose Garden. On Wednesday April 2tth, there is a Sunset “Paint-In” at the Winter Park Racquet Club, (2111 Via Tuscany, Winter Park). Paint Out Artists gather on the shore of Lake Mait­land at the Win­ter Park Rac­quet Club to cap­ture a beau­ti­ful Florida sun­set, then take a break from the week’s activ­i­ties. Come share the vista with us and watch as these out­stand­ing artists cre­ate a sun­set mem­ory on can­vas.  A cash-only bar and buf­fet will be avail­able to non-members, so please make an evening of it! April 30th from 6pm to 9pm is the Paint Out Garden Party.  Tickets to this event are, $100 in advance, and $125 at the door

Monday, April 25, 2016

Waikiki Beach is beautiful.

Waikiki is a beachfront neighborhood of Honolulu, on the south shore of the island of Oahu, in Hawaii, United States. Waikiki is best known for Waikiki Beach, the white sand beach shoreline fronting the neighborhood. The name Waikiki means spouting fresh water in the Hawaiian language, for springs and streams that fed wetlands that once separated it from the interior.

Colors were vibrant and pure, especially during the golden hour as the sun set. Resorts dot every inch of the shoreline to cater to the endless stream of tourists. The water was warm and the white sand beach inviting. Sadly this marked the end of the vacation. We yearned to stay, but work beckoned back in Orlando.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Saint Regis Princeville Resort on Kauai has all the amenities,

In contrast to the humble beach front Plantation cottages, Saint Regis Princeville Resort is plush and opulent. Located in the 9,000 acre resort community of Princeville at Hanalei, this luxury resort on Kauai resides on the northern shore of the "Garden Island" and provides visitors all the amenities expected from an island destination considered to be one of the most spectacular in Hawaii. Guests of our Kauai resort reside in a bastion of tropical sophistication featuring cuisine that celebrates local flavors along with an array of diverse activities. The site of the hotel was known as Pu'u Poa or Pu'u Pa'oa-- Pu'u meaning mountain and Pa'oa meaning the staff of the Fire Goddess, Pele who when searching for a new home would strike her staff into the earth to create a new crater. Directly below the hotel are remnants of an ancient Hawaiian fishpond built in prehistoric time. Known as Kamo'omaika'i it was one of the few kuapa (ocean wall) type fishponds on Kauai.

The hotel was used in the filming of Jurassic Park, and I believe the lobby was inspiration for the scene in Lilo and Stitch in which Nani applied for a job while Stitch a used havoc trying to romance an elder tourist.

Terry relaxed in a lounge chair reading while I struggled to capture the sunset. Black volcanic rock dotted the shoreline. The gorgeous mountains turn mountains turned magnificent shades of purple and blue, as the clouds glowed orange. Every moment on this beautiful island begs to be captured. An artist would never fall short of subjects on this corner of paradise.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Opera Orlando at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Spring time marked the boisterous rebirth of Opera in Orlando. Opera Orlando presented The Impresario, which is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "comedy with music", followed by Les Mamelles de Tiresias, Poulenc's "fertile farce." A small orchestra was set up in the lower balcony. I went to the final dress rehearsal which had a small audience with friends and family.

Mozart's comedy was quite fun and director Eric Pinder did a fabulous job of modernizing the story so that it referenced Orlando. Two producers contemplated a small low budget opera. They admired the theater and even shot a selfie in the opulent theater. I liked that the ghost lamp remained on stage. A ghost light is put on stage when the theater is unoccupied. Superstition states that it allows ghosts which occupy the theater the opportunity to perform on t empty stage. This appeases the ghosts so they do not sabotage a production. To keep costs down, t he producers decide to stage a production with no set pieces. A diva entered from house left and walked up to the stage. She was an older well established performer who faced rumors that she could no longer hit the high notes. She performed a solo that was comically flamboyant and over the top. She demanded $5000 a performance and stormed off stage.

A theater patron, Deep Pockets, entered and offered a sizable donation if the producers would hire a female singer he had discovered. She turned out to be a bawdy burlesque performer who also demanded $5000 a performance. What followed us a hilarious battle of wills as the two female divas tried to out sing each other. This was a hilarious production that was sung and perform in English, so there us no need for subtitles.

The only hint of the second production, Les Mamelle de Tresias in my sketch, is the large balloon creature in the upper balcony. It had many appendage like an octopus and a snout that looks like a large inflated rubber. This creature would hoover over the audience at the end of Poulenc's farce about fertility. I plan to go back to do another sketch.

Mark your Calendar! There are two performances left. One is tonight, Saturday April 23rd at 7:30pm. The other is Sunday April 24 at 2 pm. Tickets cost between $10 to $66. You can call the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts (445 South Magnolia Avenue Orlando FL) box office Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm. Saturday from noon to 4pm.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Weekend Top 6 Picks for April 23rd and 24th.

Saturday April 23.2016
7:30pm to 9:30pm Tickets Start at $10. Opera Orlando presents Mozart's Impresario and Poulenc's Les Mamelles de Tiresias.  Alexis and Jim Pugh Theater in the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. 445 S Magnolia Ave, Orlando, FL 32801. What will a struggling opera company do to stay afloat...?  Anything the Impresario wants!  In this unique, premiere pairing, Mozart's classic comedy "The Impresario" is updated to modern day Orlando, Florida where a struggling opera company desperate to do anything to survive must enlist the financial help of a flamboyant opera patron, Mr Deep-Pockets.  He only makes one request; that the company use his two new soprano flings, Everly Shrills and Bethany Squeals in the company's next production.  With all the needed backing from Mr Deep-Pockets, the Impresario can now do a piece he's always dreamed of.

10:30pm to Midnight Free but get a drink and bite. Son Flamenco.  Ceviche Tapas Orlando, 125 W Church St, Orlando, FL. Hot blooded Flamenco danci to live acoustic guitar.

Starting at 3:30pm The Florida Music Festival 2016
9:30pm: Devmo
10:30pm: Freedom Fighterz
Cheyenne Saloon:
6:00pm: Andrew Allen Trio
7:00pm: The Band J4
8:00pm: Jocelyn and Chris Arndt Band
9:00pm: 90 Proof Twang
10:00pm: Diamond Dixie
11:00pm: Jill’s Cashbox
12:00am: JunoSmile
Church Street Station:
7:30pm: Sleeping with Sunshine
8:30pm: Sunghosts
9:30pm: Yardij
10:30pm: Plane versus Cult
11:30pm: Billy Wright Band
12:30am: American Party Machine
7:00pm: Taylor Raynor
8:00pm: Nicholas Roberts
8:45pm: Amber Lynn Nicol
10:00pm: 8 Stories High
The Plaza Theater: Kasa: Closing Party
7:00pm: Fretless Rock
Wall Street Plaza I:
3:30pm: O-Sky
4:30pm: School of Rock
5:30pm: Eden Shireen
6:30pm: The Getbye
7:30pm: Sarah Q
8:30pm: The Bloody Jug Band
9:30pm: I-Resolution
10:30pm: Hor!zen
Wall Street Plaza II: 
4:00pm: Bothering Dennis
7:00pm: Alex Da Ponte
6:00pm: Army Gideon
7:00pm: Aymber
8:00pm: King Complex
9:00pm: On The Avenue
10:00pm: Kasson
11:00pm: Violectric

Sunday April 24, 2016 
10am to 3:30pmish Free. Past Meets Present Art Sale. Winter Park Central Park 251 S Park Ave, Winter Park, Florida. Thor from Analog Artist Digital World and X will be selling prints and original art in Winter Park's "First Amendment Zone", Central Park. Some of the work was created Illegally after Winter Park passed an ordinance banning the creation of art on Park Avenue. Other paintings celebrate Winter Park's natural beauty.

Noon to 2pm Free but get food and drink. Florida Gospel Jam. Fish on Fire 7937 Daetwyler Drive Belle Isle FL. Every 2nd and 4th Sunday. 

2pm to 4pm Tickets Start at $10. Opera Orlando presents Mozart's Impresario and Poulenc's Les Mamelles de Tiresias.  Alexis and Jim Pugh Theater in the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. 445 S Magnolia Ave, Orlando, FL 32801. Les Mamelles de Tiresias or The Breasts of Tiresias; a surrealist piece by Francis Poulenc.  The absurdist, gender-bending plot starts with a housewife (Terese) who is sick of doing chores and serving her husband so she removes her breasts (two balloons) and becomes a man (Tiresias) which leads to her husband taking on the role of the woman and now having to produce babies by himself which he does, only too well...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Waimea Plantation Cottages.

My favorite place to stay in Kauai was at the humble Waimea Plantation Cottages (9400 Kaumualii Hwy, Waimea, HI) which were right on a black sand beach. These refurbished sugar-plantation cottages, which were originally built in the early 1900s, offer a relaxed setting, with tropical-inspired decor and mahogany, rattan or wicker furnishings. All come with full kitchens, cable TV, and free WiFi, plus private patios.

Roosters wandered around the property, and walking down the black sand beach feels like walking on another planet. Large black driftwood stumps offered a resting spot on the beach, to sit and soak in fabulous sunsets.  Each cottage has a kitchen, so this quickly felt like home. Set in a coconut grove, this makes a perfect place to set up a home camp on the island.

The cabins are weathered and worn, which I felt added to their local charm, so If you prefer opulent decor, then this might not be the place for you. In the evening, the soothing sound of the surf lulled me to sleep. Staying here of feel chance to slow down, and find some piece. 

When we got back to Orlando, production on the feature animate film, Lilo and Stitch began in earnest and the calming memories helped me crank out piles of drawings and deal with the overtime needed during the film's crunch time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Poipu Beach in Kauai.

Legendary local artist Andrew Spear shared a drawing called "Breakfast in Maui" that was done on location this week in Maui. I was honored when he said he was channeling his inner Thomas Thorspecken. In Andrew's honor, I am sharing sketches I did on a trip to Kauai just before production got started on the Disney Feature Animated film, "Lilo and Stitch." I still cry tears of pride when I hear the Hawaiian music from the opening of the film.

As Terry and I relaxed in the shade on Poipu Beach in Kauai, we noticed a crowd gather. A harbor seal had made his way up on the beach to soak up the sun right along with the tourists. A life guard set up orange cones a round the seal and he stood guard to be sure the crowd kept at a proper distance. Children knelled and watched the sleeping seal intently. Poipu Beach was named America’s Best Beach by The Travel Channel, ranking top among the 10 “best” beaches selected nationwide.

This small island has to be one of the most beautiful place on earth. The locals are friendly and everyone seems so happy just to be alive. With so much change happening right now, it feels good to reflect back on a time when life seemed simpler, and life felt balanced.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Piano Man of Washington Square Park.

At the NewYork City Sketch Crawl, I decided to do a sketch of the piano player in Washington Square Park. of course poplin performances Orlando are rare, being limited to 27 Blue Boxes. But in New York city, I saw performers everywhere I went, in subway stations, on street corners and in the park. I know that performers who start creating music at Lake Eola are often chased off by city employees. The only music allowed at that park is the cheesy elevator music that is broadcast through all the speakers that surround the lake so that you are forced to feel like you are walking around a shopping mall.

Every weekend, Colin Huggins and a buddy wheel the piano out of a store facility in Greenwich Village and the roll it through ten blocks of traffic to it's new home in Washington Square Park.  Playing a Grand Piano outside means that the piano need to be tuned for an hour before each performance. Colin was once the music director for Joffery Ballet, but now his busking earns him a modest living.

The classical music was delightful, and park patrons filled the benches nearby to listen in. In Washington Square Park, performers have to register for performance times. Once the time is up, the need to move to a new spot to allow a note performer to use the spot. When this piano man had finished his set he closed the piano lid and rolled the piano away, probably to a new location where he would once again set up. Some people stood by the piano to sing along. A plastic bucket acted as the tip jar or hat and the many tips were well deserved.

Wouldn't it be nice if Orlando had just a fraction of the culture that can be found in a city like New York. Perhaps city officials will someday stop treating public performers like beggars and recognize that they liven up and add value to the streets and parks.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Urban Sketching workshops at Elite Animation,

I am now teaching Urban Sketching Course at Elite Animation Academy  (8933 Conroy Windermere Rd, Orlando, FL) to middle school and high school students.This is a wonderful opportunity for me to share my love of simple direct observation and the pleasure that can be found from always carrying a sketch pad. The small class size, allows me to always offer notes for every student's sketch. The first hour of each class, we work in the classroom on warm up exercises and the day's lesson. Then we break out of the classroom and sketch on location somewhere in the neighborhood. On this occasion, we sketched in a Subway's Sandwich shop. The lesson on this sketch outing was one point perspective and the students looked down the length of the shop.  It is always rewarding to watch students get lost in the process. The re is always some socializing as well, and I has he to find the right balance between work and play. If only a few students develop the habit of documenting their lives in sketches, then I have certain done my job.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rise up October closed down streets in NYC.

On the day of my 35th High School reunion, I met the New York City Urban Sketchers in Washington Square Park for a sketch crawl. About a dozen or so artists gathered near the iconic Washington Arch. A huge demonstration was going on, taking over the street on the north side of the park. While many sketchers focused on the arch, I elbowed my way into the protest.

Rise Up October,” a mass demonstration in New York City, attracted an unprecedented number of protesters, according to the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, a national protest group. The activists predicted that some 100,000 people will disrupt normal business and shut down street traffic in NYC to keep police brutality in the public consciousness.

Following the police-involved deaths of unarmed African-Americans in places such as Ferguson, Missouri; Staten Island, New York, and Baltimore -- to name just a few -- the resulting civil unrest and peaceful protests did not adequately move most Americans beyond mild sympathy for the victims, one organizer said. Stopping “police terror,” a catch-all term activists use for racial profiling, police brutality, use of lethal force and mass incarceration in communities of color, merits sustained disruption and civil disobedience.

Protesters handed out flyers to passing pedestrians. When one young man refused a flyer, the female protester got in his face and shouted, "Which side are you on? Thankfully I was exempt since my hands were busy sketching. An older gentleman in a cape and red mask caught my eye. Later, one of the urban sketches told me that he is one of New York's more colorful characters. He is referred to as "The Mayor" since he is always found at events saying he plans to run for mayor. I don't think he has ever been on the ballot.

One sobering fact that I learned from the protest is that, 85% of the people killed by U.S. law enforcement officers, were shot to death. 4% died due to rough handling, 4% due to vehicles, less than 4% died from tasers and 4% died from other causes. Having traveled abroad, I can say that some Europeans views America as gun obsessed police state and a dangerous place to live.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Social Media Think Tank.

Mark Baratelli of The Daily City, organized a social media think tank at IZEA in Winter Park Village in which participants would outline one thing that worked for them to promote their business, and then they would ask a question of the other participants to learn Some thing new. New social media platforms are popping up every week, so it is impossible to stay on top of all social media platforms. Some people spread themselves to thin, not getting the most out of any one platform.

Melissa Marie who owns The Falcon Bar and Gallery, now has her bartenders using snap chat which raises awareness about what events are going on in the bar. My question had to do with the ways to promote events to media like newspapers and magazines in town. A week after the meet, I got an email from one of the attendees that had a list of all the media contacts in town. I am slowly getting those contacts entered as a list in g-mail so the I can sent out press releases to everyone.

Mark was proud that he had used Twitter to stay in contact with every media that shared his mission of enlightening and entertaining. It became clear that there is much I need to learn about social media but there are only so many hours in the day.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekend Top 6 Picks for April 16th and 17th.

Saturday April 16, 2016
7:30am to 8:30am Free. Tai Chi. Rose Garden Winter Park Central Park.

5pm to 11pm. Free. Angels and Artisans - A women's show. The Imperial at Washburn Imports-Sanford 116 E 1st St, Sanford, Florida. There are so many beautifully creative strong inspiring women here and gone, that have touched us all, many that have survived or living with Cancer. a true night of inspiration,love, reflection, and most importantly action. Networking for many local groups that make life a little easier for those dealing with this monster. Deep reflection and honor to those that have passed. Our loved ones. .... interested? This is going to be a beautiful show at the Current-Sanford Magazine Gallery. join us! All artists are invited to participate, all mediums,styles, and installations welcome.

8pm to 11pm. Free. Get a free ticket or hall pass. The Flying Horse Big Band Swings and has a Funky Good Time. Walt Disney Theater. Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, 445 S. Magnolia Avenue Orlando FL. Central Florida's ultimate big band brings a swinging end to the UCF celebration.

Sunday April 17, 2016 
9am to 5pm Free. $1 Nudes Sale and Art Studio Clearance. 5543 Bay Side Drive Orlando FL. Nude figure drawings by Thor of Analog Artist Digital World are available for just $1 each to clear out inventory and lighten a studio move.

1pm to 6pm Free. Ten10 Art Market.  Ten 10 Brewing Company 1010 Virginia Dr, Orlando, Florida. other interesting things... Every 3rd Sunday.

10pm to Midnight Free, but get a coffee. Comedy Open Mic. Austin's Coffee, 929 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL.  Free comedy show! Come out & laugh, or give it a try yourself.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Jungle Book opens April 15th.

I went to a preview screening of Disney's, The Jungle Book at The Regal Winter Park Village Stadium 20. The Florida Film Festival was going on at the same time and because of that, the preview audience was let into the the am earlier than usual before the screening time. When I was young, I saw drawings from the original Jungle Book movie on display in a mall in New Jersey.  The drawings were fro a scene in which the menacing tiger Shere Khan gets up and walks back into the forest. The drawings were awe  inspiring and they lead me to want to someday animate for Disney. That dream eventually came true and [ got to work beside some of he best draftsmen in the world. When digital films took over the need for hand drawn animation disappeared.

Since The Jungle Book played such a pivotal roll in my boyhood dreams and aspirations, I was excited to see this new adaptation. Quite honestly I expected it to fail miserably. In the opening sequence, Mogli is running through the jungle being chased by an unseen predator. The jungle glowed warm and was a character in it's own right. The second an animal spoke I groaned. Cute wolf cubs seemed like an overly saccharine sweet touch. But then the stony tool hold and the talking animals grew on me. Baloo the bear was played by Bill Murray. The voice stopped me in my tracks until [ could place it. Then Bill breathed new life into an already lovable character. I was shocked when tears welled up as Baloo told Mogli, that he didn't want him around anymore. Of course the big bear was lying, he had become emotionally, attached to the boy, but Bagheera the panther had convinced him that the man village was the best place for the boy.

The film was astonishingly dark and real. Mogli always had scrapes and scars from the jungle. The scene that showcased the monkey king  reminded me of a scene from Apocalypse now in which Marlon Brando rubbed his bald head with cold water. Louie, the monkey king and Sher Khan were both incredibly menacing characters. Some children were crying in the theater, Yet it is precisely this brute force that makes this film a true classic. I was blown as by it's power and majesty. I was swept away by the mythos of a young boy finding his way alone in a cruel world. Friends help in times of trouble. I can not recommend this film enough. It opens in theaters nation wide on April 15th.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In the Black, A Tax Day Burlesque.

Blacklist Babes Cabaret, and Black Garter Dolls will present In the Black, A Tax Day Burlesque at The Venue (511 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL) on April 15th. The doors open at 9pm and the show start at 10pm.  Marisa Ashley Risque invited me to sketch a dress rehearsal. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door (cash), and $25 VIP.

When I arrived, actors and actresses were busy getting into costume and putting on make up. Marisa was at a mobile costume rack. She welcomed me with h warm hug. Each performer is in multiple routines and sometimes costume changes have to happen at a breakneck pace. Getting garters tightened and hitched or latching a leather belt just right can be tricky. A fellow with a long beard who looks like the Monopoly guy will be welcoming patrons at the door. He was deep in conversation with one of the performers. For once, I felt right at home. So many of the performers, I have sketched in the past.

Marisa did a hilarious routine as a thrift store addict who then showcased her cheap ass erotic side. Her twerking had every performer on the sidelines hooting and hollering. A more classical burlesque was set to Frank Sinatra's , Luck be a Lady Tonight. The diaphanous green ball gown flowed beautifully as if a Fred Astaire movie dance scene. This modern take on a classic made me wonder, what best rhymes with luck? A male dancer had all the lady performers screaming when he stripped down to his thong. Even more impressive than the bounties of flesh, was the incredible singing talent on display. These performers know how to belt out a tune with gusto. A large group number with plenty of leather whips was a show stopper.

If you are due a tax refund, then this is the place to use these throw away bills. I laughed until I cried. If you miss Tax Day Burlesque, some of the same routines will appear 4 times at the Fringe in the Black Venue which will also showcase some new numbers.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

July 4th Drip Pool Party.

On July 4th, Terry and I went to a Drip Dance pool party. A barbecue kept burgers and hot dogs steaming. All of the dancers an support staff of Drip were there to relax a have fun. A slip and slide was unfurled across the lawn, and terminated at the pool. Guys and girls got a running start, and dove into the pool with a big splash. 

My sketches were done rather fast, so that I could get in some pool time myself. Tie dye pockets were full or red and blue dyes. Dancers took T-Shirts and pinched the fabric using rubber bands. Everyone had their own techniques and every shirt when dry and unfurled was unique. It was a messy fun process. 

Terry, had several small dreads put in her hair on our trip to Australia. Jessica Mariko offered to put a color for tri-colored ribbon in Terry's hair. As usually happens at y party lit this, I met someone who does something fun and creative as a career. A woman next to me did large sculptures for the theme parks. She told me about her projects and it sounds like an unexpected inspiring way t make a living. I'm having to rethink my priorities. I get out and experience a creative rush every day, but not many sketches get sold. Changes need to be made so that I'm less of a voyeur and more of a participant in the Orlando Arts scene. I am starting to reach out to find a job that will keep me in Orlando and challenge me creatively to think out side the box.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Adam Braun discusses how he founded Pencils of Promise.

Adam Braun is a New York Times bestselling author and the Founder of Pencils of Promise, an award-winning organization that has broken ground on more than 300 schools around the world. He also leads the Global Education Platform, an initiative conceived by the UN Special Envoy for Global Education to produce breakthroughs in learning innovation. His talk at Bush Auditorium, in Rollins College outlined how he got started.

Adam began by showing a photo of his family in the 1970s. He got the crow laughing by zooming in on his dad with his thick mustache and dark eye brows and said that he as the model for Borat. On a more serious not he outlined the family values that came from having grand parents who had survived the holocaust. His mother instilled in him a refusal to accept mediocrity. Failure is important in anyone's growth. As a child Adam collected playing card and he figured out how to trade his way into getting the rarest cards. It turns out this isn't much different than what happens in the stock market, so this became his passion right out of college. In college he read books about rock Stars, and he realized that their greatest works came in times of struggle.

True self discovery begins where your comfort zone ends. Adam traveled over seas and he saw incredible poverty. He asked a young boy, "If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?" The boy responded, "A pencil." Adam happened to have a pencil and he gave it to the boy. A pencil can write about 40,000 words before it is spent. It can also create thousands of sketches. The simplest tool holds so much promise.

Big dreams begin with small unreasonable acts, When Adam got back home, he decided to found Pencils for Promise. He went to a bank and opened a bank account. The minimum deposit was $25. Since he was 25 years old he decided to open the account in that amount. Pencils for Promise has built 340+ schools that teach 35,000 students, increasing literacy three times. Adam showed a video of a 1mm domino. Each domino can knock over another domino that is one and a half times larger. In 29 Steps, that 1mm domino could knock over a domino as large as the Empire State Building. It is a good example of how a small act or inspiration can multiply and spread.

Adam showed a video of a dancing cow. the point he made was that you should commit to being the best in the world at what you do. If you are a sweeper, then you should be the best sweeper. If you are a mascot, be the best mascot. If your dreams do not scare you then they aren't big enough.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Snap! Downtown Opening.

Snap! Orlando has opened a new gallery downtown at 420 E Church St, Orlando, FL. The opening exhibit featured g artists in z galleries.  As part of our ongoing mission to boldly increase the visibility and appreciation of art in our community and beyond, Snap has expanding to the Downtown / Thornton Park neighborhoods.

The largest gallery featured Mark Gmehling, 'Nu Werks' - Exhibit curated by Holly and Patrick Kahn. Mark is a German artist who has an elastic view on life. He makes fine art prints from 3D renderings of abstract characters and bizarre scenarios, all illustrated in a playfully fluid manner. The aesthetics of each of his figures are highly polished though and resemble beautiful, glossy ceramic pieces. Gmehling was introduced to the US by Snap! in 2014, and has garnered international press including the cover of Orlando Weekly, front page of Orlando Sentinel, Hi Fructose Magazine, and Der Spiegel in Germany.

Also in the front gallery, were sculpted rings by Rebecca Rose, 'New Sculpturings,' which are beautifully created pieces redefined beyond their traditional sense, each piece with unique form and storytelling, blending luxury with urban activism relevant to current social issues. Rebecca sketches, assembles, carves, invests, kiln fires, and casts her own work in her studio.

In the middle gallery was work by Chris Robb, 'Continuum'. Coming from a background of graphics and printing, Robb's work has evolved over the past 30 years into an expressionistic abstraction. Color is central to his dynamic compositions. His grasp of the formal properties of color––hue, value, intensity, and temperature, permits him to layer multiple colors without overpowering the structure of his compositions.

The back gallery featured the edgy urban work of Earl Funk, 'Seasons Change' This exhibit was curated by Gina Bernadini. Orlando illustrator and tattoo artist new works are inspired by the changing of the seasons, as well as the idea of being open to changing ourselves.

Artists were present on opening night. Catering, craft cocktails by The Courtesy Bar, music by DJ Nigel John and DJ Ken Sherry.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wine and Art in Downtown Lake Mary.

WineArt Wednesdays at Downtown Lake Mary (101 North 4th Street Lake Mary, FL) is a monthly event. Enjoy a beautiful stroll through the park and the sidewalks of Downtown merchants lined with displays from local artists. Relax and unwind to some live music while sipping a glass of wine from the new beer and wine garden in Central Park or dig into some eats from some of the best food trucks and newest restaurants in town.

This year the even keeps the awesome live band, but, every other month or so instead of the band they will have "A Movie In The Park". A gigantic outdoor movie screen playing a great movie in the tranquil setting of Lake Mary's very own Central Park. So bring your favorite picnic blanket and enjoy!
Check the WineArt Wednesday Facebook page, to see when the next event is being held. Get out and check out the art.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Weekend Top 6 Picks for April 9th and 10th.

Saturday April 9, 2016 
5pm to 7pm Free. Jill's Cashbox. The lawn in front of the Dr. Phillip Center for the Performing Arts 445 S Magnolia Ave, Orlando, FL. Kick up your heels on the lawn to this good tin country band. 

7:30pm to 9:30 pm Reserve your Free tickets and hall pass. On the Bridge between Science and Music Concert Presentation with Hana Zimmer, Kip Thorne, and Paul Franklin. Walt Disney Theater Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts 445 S. Magnolia Avenue Orlando FL. 

10:30pm to 12:30am Free but order food and drink.  Son Flamenco. Ceviche Tapas Orlando, 125 W Church St, Orlando, FL. Hot blooded Flamenco dancing. 

Sunday April 10, 2016 
9am to 11am Free for spectators. $30 for participants. Walk for Trees. Harbor Park at Lake Baldwin 4990 New Broad St, Orlando, Florida. In Fall 2015, Orlando Mayor Dyer launched an ambitious goal to strengthen Orlando by building our urban forest and expanding the tree canopy.
To achieve this goal, the City of Orlando launched the 'One Person, One Tree' program, an effort to engage private residents in creating a cooler and greener future for The City Beautiful, and help grow our urban tree canopy to 40% by 2040.
This April 10th, IDEAS For Us and the City of Orlando will launch an inaugural "Walk For Trees event" around Lake Baldwin to support Orlando's tree programs, with a goal of raising enough funds to plant 1,000 trees in Orlando!
The event will have local celebrities, elected officials, nonprofits, food trucks, and more.
Orlando is proud to be a Tree City USA since 1976, named a Sterling Tree City USA in 2011 and received a Tree Growth Award every year since 1990.

3pm to 5pm Reserve your Free tickets and hall pass. Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band Concert. Walt Disney Theater Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts 445 S. Magnolia Avenue Orlando FL. 

5pm to 7pm  Reserve your Free tickets and hall pass. Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra presents a concert for expectant Parents. Alex and Jim Pugh Theater Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts
445 S. Magnolia Avenue Orlando FL.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Drip Local Art Night featured Public Record.

Drip Local Art Night features Visual Artists, Performance Artists, Burlesque troupes, Body Painters, Dancers, Belly Dancers, and Art Installations.  This is an all ages event. Set-up for artists started at 6:30 and doors for the public opened at 8pm. Drip is located at 8747 International Dr #102, Orlando, F, behind Denny's and Senior Frogs. Access is via a loading dock. 

Artist rent tables at this bimonthly event for $10. Artists get 100% of all sales. It is a pretty sweet deal for the artists and the crowds that show for this event, keep getting larger. Jessica Mariko's husband David Travers is in the band Public Record.  This band accepts ideas from social media about their fans favorite albums. They perform the entire album in order, live.

Mark your calendars! The next Drip Art Night is April 28, starting at 8pm. Check out the hottest scene in Orlando. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Alone is to premiere at UCF Celebrates the Arts.

Cindy Michelle Heen, the choreographer, invited me to a rehearsal of Alone at Studio Two in the Performing Arts Center at UCF12488 Centaurus Blvd, Orlando, FL. This piece will be part of Theater UCF presents Dance 10 which will be performed on April 8th at 7:30pm in the Walt Disney Theater at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. This is part of 9 Days of Free Events starting April 8th through April 16th. In order to enter the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, you must have a free ticket for an Event or a free Hall Pass. A ticket grants you entrance to a specific event at a specific time. A hall pass is valid for the entire festival and allows you to enter the center without a performance ticket' When an event is sold out of advance tickets, a wait line forms an hour before the performance begins' Patrons must have a hall pass to join the wait line. In 2015 all patrons in the lines got into performances.

Alone tells the story of a young woman finding her way in the world. Cindy explained that it reflects her own experience as a young dancer starting out in Orlando. Times were hard and finding refuge was difficult. Friends helped keep her spirit afloat. Now she is interconnected with so many people and she struggles just to keep up with the creative possibilities. At times the dancers moved on the stage with militaristic straight lines. At all times, the female lead was clearly defined, she was part of the crowd and at other times she was alone. Separation is hard, it is painful and yet sometimes it is needed for growth. The caged bird never flies.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Artist Critique and Converstion at the Maitland Art Center.

The quarterly Artist Critique and Conversaion took place in the Germaine Marvel Building (210 West Packwood Avenue, Maitland, FL). Critique and Conversation is an exciting initiative to assist in the professional development of local artists.  A bar was available with beer, wine, water and soft drinks. Artists of every medium and skill level are encouraged to participate in the critiques. Each critique reviews up to 9 artists, and all artists must sign up in advance.

The June session focused on commercial art. Illustrators, graphic designers and commercial photographers were invited to have work reviewed by our guest panelists. Everryone was invited to hear the panelists’ insights and learn how they balance artistic vision with client expectations.

The guest panelists were Doug Berger (REMIXED, Agency Partner). Remixed is a full service, multi-disciplinary marketing design agency that develops marketing strategies and brands. They incorporate a ten-step process to develop comprehensive marketing initiatives with award-winning designs that meet strategic goals. Scott Donald (Art Director) – Donald is an illustrator, painter and designer. His works are part of a larger narrative involving myth, inherited memory and transient glimpses into nature’s connectedness. Jim Hobart (Commercial Photographer) – Jim is the man behind Macbeth Photography, a distinctive studio that provides portraits, architectural, product and commercial photography, with offices in Orlando and New York City. His passion for architecture is reflected in his fine art photography.

Angela Henson, an interior designer, showed photography of Roman ruins. The best show depicted the huge shadow on a sculpted angel on the walls of a church. Mike Tipso who shoots event photos for the Orlando Weekly, had some vice photos off a farm to table event that took place during the golden hour as the sun set and everything turned to gold. Delores Haberkorn showed a large painting of a dancer gesturing towards a bird surrounded by Greek columns. Steve Parker, I believe is the artist depicted in my sketch. He showed a painting of a friend of his who has a phobia of moths. There were moths all over the man's red shirt and around him as well. Some moths were painted so photo real, that they seemed to be standing on the surface off the canvas.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Red Bull One North American Final.

Terry scored tickets to the Red Bull One North American Final in the Walt Disney Theater in The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. The main floor was full, so we ended up in the nose bleed section. I rather liked the view looking down on all the action. Two B-Boy dancers would face off at a time, gesturing and getting in each others faces. Then each dancer would show off his moves. A TV camera sat on a rail rotating around the circular stage to catch all the action and show M on two big screens above the stage. Photographers snapped shots constantly from the front row, and iPhones caught the action from just about every seat in the theater.

Legendary radio host and MTV star Sway hosted the evening. Phife, of A Tribe Called Quest, entertained with a set of some of his classics. The crowd was in for a night of surprises, with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Grandmaster Flash, Hip Hop pioneer DJ Charlie Chase, and legendary NYC Hip Hop Photographer Joe Conzo all hitting the stage to show support. The four elements of Hip Hop were alive and thriving in Orlando.

I could hear how each dancer was doing by the audience reactions. The level of athletics and balance was astonishing. I remember local boy Vicious Victor Montalvo from last year's competition. He always had that extra spark and insane moves that would get the crowd screaming. It came as no surprise the he won round after round and was the ultimate victor for the day. He successfully defends his title in his hometown of Orlando in front of a 3,000-person crowd at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, making history as the only B-Boy to win consecutive titles.

The one-on-one battle format pitted 16 of the best U.S. and Canadian breakers against each other. Victor pulled out some of the best moves in his repertoire, including back flip flares, backspin air babies, and his completely unique style of form spins. “It feels so good to win this year because Orlando really supported me, more than I ever could have imagined,” Victor said. “They were screaming for me like crazy, and that got me hyped. I gave it all I had, and it means so much to me that I won here.” Vicious said. Several months later, Vicious Victor went on to win the World Championship in Rome.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Red Bull BC One at Snap

Red Bull and SNAP! Space, (1013 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL) presented the Official Opening Night for Red Bull BC One North America Finals and a special hip-hop vintage photography exhibit by Bronx photographer Joe Conzo.  Special guests,included B-Boys performances, music by DJ Lean Rock,  DJ Rasta Root and cuts by Urban Stylez Barber Lounge. The event was free and open to the public.

This was probably the biggest crowd I ever saw at Snap. The black and white photos documented the early years of graffiti art and the emerging hip hop scene in NYC. B-Boy performances would break out spontaneously in different corners of the venue and a large crowd would gather around as if stopping traffic on a crowded sidewalk. The DJ outside kept the beats pumping. I settled in near the barber lounge to sketch people getting free haircuts. The cuts happened fast and furious. I didn't linger too long after the sketch as done. I was going to the B-Boy Finals the next day and would catch all the dancing on the main stage at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Overlooking the Göreme Open Air Museum.

Terry and I hiked up to a trail along the tops of the rock formations around the the Göreme Open Air Museum. The Steep winding trail snaked along the top ridge of the white Hill. I slipped on the loose pebbles and caught myself as I slid down a rocky slope. My left hand got scrapped up but not bloody. Having already hiked every hill, staircase, cavern and church in the open air museum, I decided to to stop and sketch an overlook. Terry continued hiking the trail, but, I decided, that I would hike back on the paved road.

The Open Air Museum, is listed as a World Heritage Site which is is a place (such as a building, city, complex, desert, forest, island, lake, monument, or mountain) that is listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as being of special cultural or physical significance. It is clearly a popular tourist destination since the parking lot was full and the trails were crowded.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Weekend Top 6 Picks for April 2nd and 3rd.

Saturday April 2, 2016
7pm to 9pm $30 per person. Price includes all paint supplies, canvas and a free glass of wine. Wine and Paint with Bethany Myers. Vinyl Arts Bar 75 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida. This is a fun and interactive experience where you get to be the artist. Guided by a professional artist, you'll get to paint your own piece of artwork and bring your canvas home with you. This event is great for couples, girl's night out, or just a group of friends wanting to socialize and meet new people.
Please arrive 15 minutes early. The painting begins at 7pm sharp.
About the Artist Instructor:
Bethany Myers is an Orlando artist best known for her brightly colored blind contour paintings and also works in photo realism, mixed media and line drawing. She has taught art to elementary school kids, senior citizens and all ages in-between. Project driven, Bethany has painted street art boxes for the Mills50 organization in downtown Orlando and completed a project in which she produced one painting a week for a year. She is currently working on a mural for a local women's/children's shelter.

9pm to 11pm No Cover. 1st Saturday Jamboree with the Bloody Jug Band (Special Guest Will Brack OMB). St. Matthew's Tavern at the Orlando Beer Garden 1300 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida. The Bloody Jug Band has Partnered Up with St. Matthew's Tavern at the Orlando Beer Garden for a MONTHLY Event. We're Calling it the '1st SATURDAY Jamboree' and will be Not Only performing at the Venue Each Month, but ALSO inviting a Local Musician to come Join the Jamboree with us.

8pm to 11pm Free but get food and drink. Jazz Saturdays. Cork & Fork American Grill 5180 S. Conway Road, Belle Isle, FL. Jazz Saturdays will feature live entertainment by Jazzanova musicians.

Sunday March 29, 2016
1pm to 3pm. Free. Reflecting Florida: Storytelling through Image and Word. Bookmark It 3201 Corrine Dr, Ste 109, Orlando, Florida. Bookmark It's Reflecting Florida author series returns with a double book launch event for both Gary Monroe's "E.G. Barnhill: Florida Photographer, Adventurer, Entrepreneur" and Jeff Kunerth's "Forty: Newspaper Stories 1970-2014". Looking back at Florida's unique history thought the public lens of journalism and tourism, these books each capture the art of storytelling through image and written word.
Author Q&A and booksigning to follow presentations. Rick Kilby, author of "Finding the Fountain of Youth: Ponce de Leon and Florida's Magical Waters" will be moderating the event.

4:30pm to 6:30pm $8 Orlando Roller Derby: Arkham Assailants VS. Sunnyland Slammers. Semoran Skateway 2670 Cassel Creek Blvd, Casselberry, Florida.Come watch Orlando Psycho City Roller Derby! Get ready for a KILLER rematch! The Sunnyland Slammers will be taking on the Arkham Assailants! Doors at 4:30pm, first whistle at 5:00pm. It'll all go down at our home rink, Semoran Skateway.
Food and BEER will be available at the snack bar; all beer and wine charitable contributions go to benefit the Greyhound Pets of America, Senior Sanctuary.
Help Orlando Psycho City Derby girls LIGHT IT UP BLUE!!! We will have a 50/50 raffle, bring some cash! Half will go to the winner and the other half will go to Autism Speaks! This internationally recognized charity raises funds for Autism Research. In March 2014, Autism was a part of 1 in 68 children's lives. Now that statistic is said to be 1 in every 45. Help bring awareness and funding to this cause by participating in our raffle and our donation station at the merchandise table!
Remember to bring your own chairs; chairs with rubber bottoms are allowed on the track, high heels are not.

10pm to Midnight. Free. Comedy Open Mic. Austin's Coffee, 929 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL. Free comedy show! Come out & laugh, or give it a try yourself.