Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Best of Orlando Party.

Every year, The Orlando Weekly has its readers vote on the Best of Orlando. The Best of issue is a great way to scan the best restaurants, bars, shows, and all other venues. It is a great resource that helps me decide where to sketch. All of the 2015 winners were invited to The Beacham (46 N Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida). This is the biggest, bad ass, invitation-only party of the year. I didn't win an award in 2015, but I pulled strings to get in to document the party. I immediately wanted to get up above the crush of the crowd. There was a bouncer at the staircase that wanted a password, so I searched for an Orlando Weekly staffer to get the needed word. I met friends on the ground floor, but the music was so loud that we couldn't talk.

The two bars downstairs were constantly packed. I admired the bar staff that had to work at lightning speed to keep up with the demand. Obsessionally friends would stop to say hello. Some were Facebook friends I had never met in person. An artist, is far more approachable than a photographer. Photographers have more fun getting people to pose. Some people are just curious. It is always rewarding when people know what it is that I am doing. It makes my life as an artist so much easier. The music pulsed an the disco ball twirled. Besides the Beacham, four other clubs were tied into the party, including, The Social, Aero, Olde 64, and The Patio.

Since I didn't have an award to pick up, I didn't stay long after the sketch was done. It felt good to unwind walking around Lake Eola after all the noise of the party. All the activity inspires quick decisions and thus a rougher sketch. But I also love the calm of being alone and enjoying quiet scenery. I got to experience both in one night.

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