Saturday, October 31, 2015

A walk in the dark at Petrified Forest.

Sylvia Katherine Viles is the cast director at Petrified Forest (S.R. 436, just 1/4 mile West of 17-92 1360 E Altamonte Dr, Altamonte Springs, FL) . She invited me to come up to play with the ghouls this year which is the 8th year the attraction has been running. This is one of Central Florida's best haunted trails. If you want to be frightened out of your wits on Halloween night then this is the place to go.

The casting call was at 5:30 pm and the trail opens at 7 :30pmish. Rush hour traffic resulted in my arriving an hour late, but thankfully I still had time to sketch some of the cast as the haunting hour arrived. Sylvia was dressed as a demonic joker with a touch of steam punk. She immediately escorted me back to the costuming trailer to find me a hick costume so I could blend in on the trail. She explained that she wanted to put me in the meat market.  In the costume shop, she searched for a simple flannel shirt to throw on me. There were none to be found. She settled on a white shirt with touches of blood. A makeup artist quickly spray painted my face with a muddy mess. I tried to keep from inhaling the aerosol fumes.

Before the gates open, the cast gets a pep talk. They were reminded to "scare forward" which means frightening guests from behind to keep them moving down the trail. The meeting ended with a lusty shout. "Who's house!" "Our House!" "Whoo Rahh!" An actress in a ghostly white gown and jet black hair walked me back to the meat market. This was her first time haunting the trail. I was set up behind her on the dock, which meant that guests couldn't approach me. The staging wasn't perfect and as it grew dark I couldn't see a thing, but I made the best of it. A black light supplied the only illumination. A pea soup watery sludge glowed green. Usually when I sketch in the dark I can't see what I'm working on. With the tablet the problem was reversed. Even at 0% brightness it was too bright. Which meant my eyes had to adjust to the dark each time I looked up. Hopefully I looked a bit menacing as I scowled at the faint hints of people that shuffled nervous by. The actress would loudly slam shut a wooden partition and shout out that "you better get a move on. Grandma's  been expecting you!' Between crowds Grandma walked over and shouted to me, "Are you sketching my girl's butt? You better pay for that privilege mister!" I laughed.

With the dark sketch done, I walked through the trail for the first hand experience. I joined a group of four victims and entered the Abyss, which is a ghost ship of lost souls, I entered the haunted ship first. This allowed me to see what was coming up with an unobstructed view. One member of our group had a glow stick. Having a glow stick guaranteed extra frights because ghouls were enticed to try and steal it away, A haunted movie theater had dismembered bodies in the seats. We exited the movie theater through the movie screen, There were under sea scenes and a ramp of mysterious green light that enveloped us as we pushed forward. It wasn't always  clear how to proceed. I pushed open a door that scrapped against the floor. I lead my group onto a dark foot bridge surrounded by pitch black darkness. Someone said, "I think we took a wrong turn." Sure enough a cast member shouted at us,"You are going the wrong my." From that point forward the guy in back took the lead. I was startled more than a few times. A figure burst to life at a banquette table. Near the end, two guys with chain saws chased us and the saws nipped at our ankles.

 Tickets are $15 for one trail and $25 for both trails. There is also a $12 back stage tour. This is the best fright for your dollar in Central Florida. Sure Universal has it's Horror Nights, but that costs a fortune and you end up standing in lines all night. The Petrified Forest delivers just as many frights, and some of the effects are just stunning.

Friday, October 30, 2015

National Dance Day does Improvisation

National Dance Day was a full day of free dance courses. The day began at Cultural  Park (lawn in front of the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center) y and then moved into the Orlando Ballet Rehearsal halls. Participants were encouraged to participate in exercises, dance routines, and performances by Central Florida dance professionals. In the Orlando Ballet Central Campus 30 free specialized dance classes were offered throughout the day to ages 3-100,  including special needs movement classes.  Central Florida dance company directors, choreographers, and fitness instructors shared different styles of dance through body conditioning, dance technique, and choreography at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  NDDO strove to bring educational, community-driven dance opportunities to non-dancers and dancers alike!

This sketch was done in the Improvisational Dance Class. After stretches and warm ups, participants were encouraged to move freely and abstractly. No one moved the same way. Some of the exercises simply involved moving from one side of the room to the other. It looked like z whole lot of fun since the re were no fancy moves to memorize. This was one of the last classes of the day, so people were already warmed up, limber and ready for anything.

I was hosting a sketch crawl. There were about 6 artists to start, but by the en of the day, there were just four of us left. Being able to sit in and sketch so many dance classes meant that we got limbered up and loose by sketching so many gestures all day

Thursday, October 29, 2015

National Dance Day was bigger than ever.

National Dance Day fell on the same day as the World Wide Sketch Crawl.  I contacted Dance Day organizer Holly Harris and she was gracious enough to let host the Orlando Sketch Crawl, conjunction with National Dance Day. About 5 or 6 artists joined me and we documented the all day event with our sketches. This sketch was done in one of the Orlando Ballet dance studios. This free dance class was all about Latin Dance moves and the drummer set the heated beat. I'm certain the many of the people taking the class had never moved like the before. The instructor would demonstrate a move and then each dancer would had to follow his moves in turn. It was a hot and passionate class.

A few dancers relaxed while leaning against the mirrored wall but most dancers lined the room and were constantly on the move. I had filled a sketchpad already and so this sketch wheat on the back of a sketch page. This was a great day of catch in dance gestures, but I also insisted on completing finished compositions. It was fun to see how different artists captured the non stop action.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Waiting to get blood taken.

I see two different doctors about trying to alienate chronic neck pain. Anytime I see on or the other, they order blood work.  It seems like I'm always driving to Quest Diagnostics to give blood. j don't mind the process, I'm getting used to the small prick as the needle goes in. I just can't look as the pipettes fill with an blood. Far worse is to wait before getting in. Like an emergency wait in room there always seems to be a crowd. Once you get past the first waiting room there is a second waiting room. Both have insipid TV programs blaring, so I'm glad I escape into a sketch.

The present cocktail of pain killers and muscle relaxants seem to keep me functioning, Anytime the prescriptions run out, and they always do, I am reminded that I very much need them. I need to follow up with chiropractors and physical therapists, all of which didn't work in the past, but maybe I just saw an incompetent practitioner. Meanwhile the drug dealers keep me functioning until I find more holistic solution.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Wedding of Rachel and Bruce McMillen.

Rachel Leona Kapitan and Bruce Bowers McMillan were married on October 3rd of 2015 at the First United Methodist Church in downtown Orlando. Rachel's son, Jackson Elliot Donald lead Terry down the isle and we were seated about four rows back. I considered moving closer to sketch but then decided to focus my attention on the wide expanse of the chapel. Weddings seem so rushed when you are trying to sketch them. the program asked guests to be truly present at the ceremony.  Everyone was respectfully requested that all cameras and phones remain unused during the ceremony. There was no mention of sketchbooks, either traditional, or digital, so I went to work documenting the fleeting moment. I'm only truly present when I'm sketching. I was still sketching as the photographer lined people up for the family group shots. Terry wanted to get to the reception, so I cut the sketch short. We bummed a ride with Karen Price and Naomi Butteffield to the reception.

The reception was at the Courtyard at Lake Lucerne which used to be part of Dr. Phillip House, a few blocks from the Center for the Performing Arts which bears his name. There was macaroni so I carbo loaded and got some soda. Bruce's kids, Ryan and Katherine McMullin offered a toast and welcomed Rachel to the family with  warmth and humor. After a sumptuous fish dinner all the women hit the dance floor. Like me, Ryan wasn't in the mood for dancing. Kim Buchheit introduced us and I learned that Ryan was an artist. He decided to learn sign language and that has become a full time job. Later in the evening, his sister Katherine came over and asked him to dance. He refused, so she turned to me and asked, "stranger will you dance with me?" Since I hadn't danced with my wife all night, I didn't think that would be a good idea. Instead I pressured Ryan to dance just once with his sister. The evening was almost over. He gave in to pier pressure and they danced. I clapped my approval, always the voyeur.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Mellow Mushroom always delights.

If I find myself on the East side of Orlando, with time to kill before sketching an event, I will often go to the Mellow Mushroom, 2015 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL. Kathy Blackmore, used to take the 2DAnimatio Full Sail crew to Mellow Mushroom to show her thanks and ask about suggestions for the coming year. We would usually order the Pesto Pizza Pie which had an exotic name like "Cosmic Karma." Anytime I return, I or do the same pie. As of this December it will be a year since I left Full Sail. My new teaching gig at Elite Animation Academy is more challenging, but I' m learning as I teach the kids. I'm teaching a course in using Photoshop to design characters and because of that, I'm using a tablet to sketch more often. The first time I used the Cintiq Companion 2, the battery died before the sketch was done. Since then I have discovered some battery saving techniques, and the battery has held on for each sketch session since. My butt usually reminds me when I've been sitting and sketching for too long. The battery now outlasts my butt.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Anything Goes Hit Orlando.

Terry scored some tickets to Anything Goes at the Dr. Phillips Center of the Performing Arts in May. Written by Cole Porter Anything Goes, won three 2011 Tony Awards including Best Musical Revival and Choreography! It is touted as one of the greatest musicals in theater history, It was based on Roundabout Theatre Company’s production, The New York Times hails it a “musical-comedy joy” and USA Today calls it “glorious and exuberant!”

The music was memorable, and there were plenty of big production numbers that includes tap dancing and singing. The score, features some of musical theatre’s most memorable standards, including “I Get A Kick Out Of You,” “You’re the Top,” and of course, “Anything Goes.” The story however didn't really grab me. Two unlikely pairs set off on the course to true love, with many obstacles in the way while proving that sometimes destiny needs a little help from a crew of singing sailors, an exotic disguise and some good old-fashioned blackmail.

Sketching in a crowded audience is a task I seldom table. Although there was plenty of glitz light and glamour on stage, the house lights were pitch black. The only time I saw the sketch was during intermission and I rushed to finish it before the lights went black again. For the second half of the show I relaxed and simply watched. My attention wandered and I followed one actor, Reno Sweeney,  in the crowd. She seemed to carry the tunes with true gusto. Because everyone had on head mics, my suspension of disbelief was lost however. I just felt that everyone was just going through the motions. My sketch seems equally non-committed.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Hourglass Brewery features Halloween Art through November

I went to the Hourglass Brewery, 480 S Ronald Reagan Blvd, Longwood, FL, for the first time about a month ago to sketch the Bloody Jug Band. The place has a nice sized stage and lively atmosphere. The brewery specializes in Artisan ales that are brewed in small batches. The featured beers this month are a Straub Van Graham which is a Strawberry Vanilla Wheat Ale, Pendulum, a coconut Porter, Barista's Blessing, a nitro vanilla coffee brown ale and Zandloper, a Belgian Blonde.

There was a call for artists on Facebook, so I decided to submit one of my zombie march sketches. On a drive downtown, I heard on the radio that someone had been shot at a zombie convention. I always try and sketch zombie marches when they are in town, but now I'm left to wonder if the guns in in zombie hunter's belts are real or fake. Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley made an appearance on the Daily Show last night and his primary platform was gun control. He was governor in Maryland and that state outlawed the sales of assault weapons, and background checks along with fingerprints are required when a gun is purchased. He made the point that one terrorist got onto a flight with a bomb in his shoe, and now we all have to take off our shoes and wait in long lines in airports. Yet there are over ten thousand deaths annually because of fire arms. The United States is a joke to developed countries around the world. A taxi driver in Turkey asked why Americans are gunning each other down.

Anyway, if you want to see a zombie apocalypse sketch, head over to Hourglass Brewery and sample one of their home brewed ales. Leave the guns at home.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Top 6 Picks for October 24th and 25th.

Saturday October 24,205 
10am to 6pm Free. CF Veg Fest. Orlando Festival Park, East Robinson Street, Orlando, FL.

8 pm to Midnight. Necromancy, A Dark Art Event. Gods and Monsters 5250 International Drive; Suite E8, Orlando, Florida. Necromancy... A dark art event featuring appearances and new original works by artists, Clive Barker, Menton3, Ben Templesmith, David Stoupakis, Chet Zar, Colin Christian, Vaughn Belak, Damien Echols and Stan Darkart. Performances by Defenz Mechanizm
Extensive craft soda and craft & import beer, cider, mead and wine selection in our Offworld L.O.U.N.G.E.18+ after 10pm (After 9pm, please use our exterior side entrance to the right of Shepler's.)

All day. Free. Sketch Crawl. World Wide event. I will be sketching in NYC. See the Sketch Crawl site for more in formation.

Sunday October 25, 2015
Noon to 2pm. Free, but order some food.  Florida Gospel Jam. Fish on Fire 7937 Daetwyler Drive Belle Isle FL. Every 2nd and 4th Sunday.

1pm to 3pm Free. Yoga. Lake Eola Park, 195 N Rosalind Ave, Orlando, FL. Weekly.

9pm to 11pm Free. Comedy Open Mic. Austin's Coffee, 929 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL. Free comedy show! Come out & laugh, or give it a try yourself.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ciara Shuttleworth's Farewell Reading

On May 23rd, Ciara Shuttleworth gave a farewell reading at the Kerouac House 1418 Clouser Ave, Orlando, Florida. Ciara had been a writer in residence, and after her stay in Orlando she went on an extended road trip back out west to her hometown in Washington State. She traveled with a cardboard cut out photo of Jack Kerouac and she took plenty of pictures of him "On the Road." She was one of the more social and inclusive writers to take up residency at the historic home. She invited several of her writing friends to also read on her final evening in Orlando.

Ciara read a poem about people who are in love with the idea of be in in love. They crave the rush they get when they first become enamored with someone new. In this social media age, I suspect this phenomenon is more common.

As with most readings, there was plenty of wine, and I'm sure that writers gathered on the front porch to discuss literature late into the evening. At an earlier reading I stayed late, and Ciara had suggested that there be an impromptu Karaoke session. I think that I held my own as we followed the lyrics on a cell phone. The music was new to me but I liked it. On the evening of the farewell reading however, I didn't linger. There had been drama enough during the reading for one evening. The living room was packed full of people. In the back of the room, several people were startled when a large cabinet case rocked with no one touching it. Some felt it might be the ghost of Jack Kerouac making sure no one was complacent. “the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.” - Jack Kerouac "On the Road"

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Corsets and Cuties Halloween Burlesque

Corsets and Cuties will be performing a Halloween Burlesque show at Gods and Monsters, 5250 International Drive; Suite E8, Orlando, Florida, on 
Friday, October 23 at 10:00pm.

The She-Devils of Corsets and Cuties dare you to step out of your comfort zone and feast your eyes on the flesh of the damned.

If you have seen the Cuties perform before, you know to expect the unexpected. However, the voluptuous beauties are bringing a touch of the macabre to the stage. Demons, Zombies, and Vampires will titillate your fancy. But be careful. You may leave your heart behind.
This sketch is from a Corsets and Cuties performance at a BASE Orlando body painting showcase.
In this performance, Barbie Rhinestone shyly took to the stage and sat in the chair. She was in trench coat and she seemed surprised to be surrounded by an audience. Babs shouted from the crowd, "You go girl!  The music kicked in and Barbie made a shy half hearted attempt at shaking her shoulders. The crowds wild, encouragement got her to stand up and use her hips a bit. Then garments were discarded with a sensual flourish while her bright pink hair whipped free. Corsets and Cuties performances are always outlandish and hilarious. 
Advance tickets. 
Tickets are $15 at the door.
Please park on the south side of Artegon Mall. Gods & Monsters is located directly behind Sheplers.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TXT performance in Winter Park raised funds for Hannah Miller.

Performance artist Brian Feldman resides in Washington, D.C. He grew up in Orlando, however, and the first time he performed TXT was at the Kerouac House six years ago. In D.C, he performs TXT weekly. In February of 2010 to protest the ban on gay marriage, Brian let everyone on social media know that he would marry anybody who showed up at the Orange County Courthouse on the set date. Three women showed up on that fateful day and Hannah Miller was one of them. He chose his wife with the spin of a bottle of water he got from a courthouse vending machine; the bottle pointed to Hannah. After the wedding Brian and Hannah went their separate ways, but she made the perfect wife since she firmly believed in the cause of equal rights in marriage. Her interviews were emotional and heartfelt. In January of 2011, Brian and Hannah's marriage was annulled on the grounds that it was never consummated and they were never in love.

The TXT performance on May 5th at the Winter Park Public Library was a fundraiser for Brian's ex-wife, Hannah. She has become incapacitated by a neuromuscular disease called Myasthenia Gravis and a chest tumor that her doctors believe is associated with it. She is a Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome Type 3 patient, also diagnosed with Grave's Disease and Refractory Celiac Disease. Hannah is a fun and creative puppeteer, but like most art forms it can't pay the insurmountable medical bills. This performance was a fundraiser, with 100% of the proceed going to Hannah.  I emptied my wallet, but I know it is just a small drop in the bucket. Hannah and her boyfriend Jack Fields came to the performance and they sat in the front row. This was the first time I saw how Hannah's mobility was being limited. Despite the medical setbacks she still manages to joke about her situation.

At a TXT performance the entire audience is asked to take out their cell phones and log into anonymous twitter accounts. They all tweet, and Brian reads every tweet out loud while adding some creative flourishes. I remember that one person thought I was taking notes to report on individual's deprived rants. People were confused and reluctant at first, but once they understood the premise they embraced the creative flow. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Eye is open on International Drive.

The skeletal structure of "The Eye" is visible from miles away. It is as large as the huge Ferris wheel in London.It is part of a large new development which includes many new stores, restaurants, and an aquarium. When I did this sketch, the eye wasn't yet completed, but now it has all it's cars in place and the neon lighting illuminates the structure at night. It is clearly visible from I-4 although it is a quarter mile from the high way The Pirates Cove Adventure Golf course is right next to all the development on International Drive and it was business as usual with families battling with each other for bragging rights. International Drive does tend to showcase an International assortment of tourists. If you sit in one spot for several hours, you will hear languages from around the world.

The water in the lagoons on the course are an u n-natural shade of turquoise even in the cascades of a water fall. I didn't notice any pirates but their ship had run aground so they must have been either on board, or on the course swilling liquor from the many wooden barrels. Landscaping on the course was immaculate, and there was a steady stream of players.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Underground Vampire Bar brings sexy gore to International Drive.

I went to the grand opening party for DRIP's Underground Vampire Bar, 8747 International Dr Suite 102 (Behind Denny's and Senor Frogs), Orlando, Florida. Through October 31st, 2015, DRIP Orlando, is creating a safe haven for the Vampires and their human friends. Finally there will be a place in Orlando for Vampires to be themselves, sip “Blood” from the Blood Bar, watch dancers enjoy “Blood” baths, take a “Blood” shower, witness human sacrifices, enjoy live music, and full theatrical show featuring performances in paint, sand, “blood”, flying water and more. The Underground Vampire Bar will be at DRIP for a limited time in October on International Drive just down the street from the New Orlando Eye.

EXPERIENCE: Limited Edition Vampire Shirts Killer Paint Station (Complimentary), T-Shirt Artists ($5 cutting), Performance artist in Liquid Blood Bath Hammock. Special twist on a Full DRIP show featuring vampires, live band, red paint, red sand, dancers, flying water and more! A theatrical story about eternal love and heartbreak.

I sat at the Blood Bar to sketch and ordered a "Bloodyrita" which [ think was a strawberry Margarita. Since I knew this would be a low light situation, (vampires need low light), I used my Cintiq Companion 2 for the sketch. One thing I missed from a traditional watercolor sketch, was the ability to spatter the page with red paint. The tablet was  perfect to catch the day glow blue of all the white T-shirts in the darkness. I was wearing a dark shirt but the zigzag stitching pattern glowed blue making me look a bit like Charlie Brown. The bar filled up quickly. Once vampires started dancing on the bar, I packed the tablet away since it might be destroyed in the bloodbath. Soon the sexy vampires were offering to pour blood into spectators open mouths. The first female volunteer ended up getting drenched when the entire pitcher was poured on her head.

After the main show, a projector showed a 15 minute count down on the wall. The countdown was for the human sacrifice. At the appointed hour, two female vampires took to the stage and beckoned to a young female volunteer. She might have been a bachelorette, because she was with a rather large crowd of friends. She was a willing victim as she gyrated along with the vampires to the pounding bewitching music. Then she was asked to kneel on the bar top, and the vampires began to bite her delicate wrists and neck. Blood squirted everywhere and pooled on the bar. The crowd went wild as the gory scene unfolded. After the sacrifice, men and women danced in the Interactive Blood Shower.  Everyone had raffle tickets for a DRIP "Bloodeaux" Wine giveaway at 11PM.

DATES!  Open every Friday and Saturday in October, 2015 Doors and activities start at 8:00PM. Show will start a little after 9PM and will be followed by an afterparty until midnight.

Mark your calendar! Closing Party featuring an after party with "The Bloody Jug Band": Saturday, 10/31 (Halloween). More details and tickets. . .

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Blend takes over City Arts Factory

On May 8th. I went to City Arts Factory to experience The Blend. It was a pop up shop experience that featured local fashion Designers, Painters, Artist, Musicians, Singers and hip hop Lyricist, Producers, and the Orlando media in one creative environment. I focused my attention on the D) who kept the beats coming. Across from me there was free cup cake samples. in a note room, Rihanna, sang a couple of songs. No she wasn't "the" Rihanna, but she could carry tune. She confided that she should probably change her name.

On the walls were black and White photos the documented the history of hip hop music. Some folks took selfies in front of photos of famous of photos of famous hip hop artists. I did a quick walk around to see the art on the walls. Nothing really stopped me in my tracks.  The Blend is a great idea if you want to mingle and meet some of Orlando's creatives. I hope this event keeps growing and gains momentum

Today, Saturday October 17th, The Blend Orlando Presents '4OXO'. Aero and The Patio, will host the ultimate relationship building phenomenon from 4pm - 10pm. The attendees will gain knowledge and have access to network in a blended environment with the creative elite in the Orlando. The 6 hour experience will host 2 performance rooms, a fashion pop up shop, live paintings, interviews, Art Auction, Dancers and more. The focus is to create a cultural experience while continuing the growth of instilling the importance of these various platforms in our youth.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Weekend Top 6 Picks for October17th and 18th.

Saturday October 17, 2015
4pm to 9pm Free The Blend Orlando Presents '4OXO'. Aero 60 North Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida. Aero and The Patio, will host the ultimate relationship building phenomenon from 4pm - 10pm. The Blend is known as a “Pop up Shop” installation that will provide local fashion Designers, Painters, Artist, Musicians, Singers and hip hop Lyricist, Producers, and the Orlando media in one continuous flow.
The attendees will gain knowledge and have access to network in a blended environment with the creative elite in the Orlando. The 6 hour experience will host 2 performance rooms, a fashion pop up shop, live paintings, interviews, Art Auction, Dancers and more. The focus is to create a cultural experience while continuing the growth of instilling the importance of these various platforms in our youth.

6pm to 9pm Free Creative City Project. Downtown Orlando, South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL. La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil, Orlando Ballet, Central Florida Community Arts Orchestra, Orlando City Soccer Club, a 1000 student marching band, the Downtown Arts District, and dozens of other artists and performers bring the streets of Downtown Orlando to life.
You won't want to miss this night of unexpected experiences as you get up close and personal with artists like never before as the Creative City Project removes the barriers between art and you. Find yourself immersed in the music of an orchestra - standing among 100 musicians, Be shaken by a wall of sound from 1000 person marching band. Stand in awe as a performer from Orlando Aerial Arts flies just above your head. See visual art come to life before your very eyes. And encounter hundreds of interesting and unusual surprises throughout the city's streets and public places. Gather your friends and family for a night of your life.

7PM to 9pm. Free. The Orlando Shuffle. Beardall Senior Center, 800 Delaney Avenue, Orlando, FL.The Orlando Shuffle is always free, family-friendly, and fun. It takes place the 1st and 3rd Saturdays every month. Come play, learn, or just hangout 7 to 9 p.m. Retro attire is encouraged.

Sunday October 18, 2015 
Noon to 5pm. Free. Ten10 Art Market. Ten 10 Brewing Company 1010 Virginia Dr, Orlando, Florida.'s been a few years since 7-11 landed on Blank Space. David Charles has turned the page and persuaded Patrick and Mike from Ten10 Brewery to try and resurrect the dead by bringing back to life a regularly scheduled business hosted Art Market. It will be Visual Art-Centric like blank space was (although David, the organizer is down for whatever), one Sunday a month, starting it in the fall, at the new brewery, next to the trail with a big parking lot. Live local music, and old vinyl spinning during day. A set or two from local musicians and everybody promotes and pulls heads Alden Electric Supply (the neighbor) has made the." parking lot available which enables tons of visitor parking. Their maybe get some interactive art stuff going on. Hopefully this will become a regular place to be outside and get together, surrounded by great local art, music, food, and if that sounds like good times then, please join us! other interesting things...
Every 3rd Sunday

1pm to 3pm Free. Yoga. Lake Eola Park, 195 N Rosalind Ave, Orlando, FL. Every week.

9PM to 11 pm Free. Comedy Open Mic. Austin's Coffee, 929 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL. Free comedy show! Come out & laugh, or give it a try yourself.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Clockwork Orange being staged in a Vampire bar.

Clockwork Orange, adapted for the stage by Anthony Burgess and directed by Jeremy Seghers is being staged at Drip's Underground Vampire Bar, 8747 International Dr Suite 102 (Behind Denny'S and Senor Frogs), Orlando, Florida. The play, based on Burgess’ acclaimed 1962 novel of the same title, tells the story of young Alex, played by Anthony Pyatt Jr., and his droogs as they wreak havoc in the streets of London. When Alex is caught and subjected to an experimental treatment to “cure” his violent tendencies, all hell breaks loose, and questions are raised about human nature and the freedom of choice. 

 The black light inside the Underground Vampire bar mad any white garment shine a bright blue. The performance space is intimate, so the action happens all around you. Just as in the Stanley Kubrick movie,  the violence is intense. Fight Director Jason Skinner, had combatants using  knives, chains and wrenches inches from the audience. During the fight rehearsal, one actor almost walked in the midst of the fight and a heavy chain missed him by inches.

During the experiment, the entire cast knotted them selves into a pyramidal mass to form the torture chair and restraints as Alex watched violent content with his eyelids forced open.  Alex was an anomaly, a cultured thug with a taste for classic a music. He also likes a bit of the old in and out which means rape. Being a smart bloke, he figure he could out whit his captors, but he volunteered for something that even he couldn't handle.

Due to mature content of the show, all ticket holders must be over the age of 18.  

Show dates: October 15-19, 2015
Thursday and Monday 8:00 pm
Industry Night 
Friday and Saturday  11:00 pm
Sunday 3:00 pm

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bridge of Spies hits theaters October 16th.

I went to a free preview screening of Bridge of Spies starring Tom Hanks and directed by Stephen Spielberg on October 13th. I arrived several hours early an hours early and decided to sketch this larger than life chess set. A young couple set up the board and began to play. Across the street at the Regal Winter Park Cinemas, two large lines had already formed to get in the theater. I overheard that one was for Goosebumps the movie, and the of he was for Bridge of spies. As I was finishing my sketch, the spies line moved forward into the theater. There was more than an hour before the movie was to be screened, but I went inside to assess the situation.

Two co-workers from Elite Animation Academy were in the lobby. They were waiting for friends and family. Guards were collecting and bagging cell phones so the no one would record video of the movie prior to it's release on October 16th. I waited with them since Terry planned to arrive minutes before the screening. All the heightened security seemed appropriate for a movie about Soviet and us relations as the  Berlin wall was raised. Everyone was patted down and scanned by y metal detector as we went through Check Point Charlie to go into the screening room. I had purchased a large popcorn and realized the had I hidden my phone in the popcorn I could have smuggled it into the theater.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union captures U.S. pilot Francis Gary Powers after shooting down his U-2 spy plane. Sentenced to 10 years in prison, Powers' only hope is New York lawyer James Donovan (Tom Hanks), recruited by a CIA operative to negotiate his release. Donovan boards a plane to Berlin, hoping to win the young man's freedom through a prisoner exchange. If all goes well, the Russians would get Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance), the convicted spy who Donovan defended in court. Although Rudolf was clearly a spy, I rather liked him since he was also a rather go representational artist. He seemed unfazed during the court hearing in which he was found guilty. His lawyer kept asking, "Aren't You worried? to which Abel replied "Would it help if I were?  This became a running joke between them.

At times the film  reminded me of "To Kill a Mockingbird" in which Atticus Finch had to defend a black man in a racist Southern town. Like Donovan, he and his family were threatened for taking the case. Spielberg's influence can be seen in the interrogation scenes in which the windows are brightly illumined behind the actors. Negotiations in Eastern Germany involved as much strategy as a game of chess. The film is smartly written and brilliantly directed.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tic Toc Thrift, Vintage and Vinyl Market

True Serenity at 1100 Montana St. Mills 50, Orlando FL, is the site of a weekly pop-up market with merchandise, fine art, performers, outdoor film screenings, lots was also the of vintage items and a huge selection of vinyl records from Apartment E's massive collection. Stop by on Wednesdays, 3-10 p.m. through Novembers 25th.

I rather liked the quiet neighborhood of bungalows around True Serenity, and I was surprised to see several empty lots which added to the open green space.  As I approached I could hear the music, and I knew to simply follow it to the source. Frankie Messina who organized the Tic Toc Thrift Vintage and Vinyl Market, was also the DJ, for the evening, spinning vinyl records and projecting documentaries on a portable movie screen. There was a massage station in the corner near the cascading waterfall. Right next to True Serenity there is a grass covered empty lot, and next Wednesday Frankie plans to project the movies  over there so that bicyclists can just stop by and relax on the lawn and watch a movie. I got to meet True Serenity's owner, Tara Chiavetta who was our hostess for the evening. If you haven It been to True Serenity, then to u are missing a hidden gem just off Mills Avenue.

Besides the records for sale inside, there were original T-shirts, and some art for sale in the back yard which had a meandering stone path. Overall the space had a rustic soothing as an vibe. True Serenity offers gentle yoga, Chakra healing workshops, energy readings, and Reiki Circles. I looked around inside, and the place is amazing. There is a fresh water fish tank in the front entry and cherry blossom murals covered several walls. The mural was illuminated by a black light which made the blossoms glow a magical iridescent pink. Ray Rodriguez, a local musician gave a pop-up performance on his saxophone. It is spontaneous acts of creativity and kindness that make this type of evening so magical.

As The event was winding down and the vendors started packing up, I got a chance to talk to Frankie and his Co. director Brian Barnett.  Frankie told me that he plans to have a UHaul truck set up at the upcoming Creative City Project in downtown Orlando on October 17th. Plans are still in flux, but he had to give the organizers a title for the installation. His first thought was a patriotic red, white and blue but the exhibit is about how Orlando has been documented over the years. So he blurted out read, write and blue. As he thought about it over night, blue didn't make sense, so he revised the title to Read, Write and Drew. There will be a staggering number of performances and art installations at the Creative  City Project. La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil, Orlando Ballet, Central Florida Community Arts Orchestra, Orlando City Soccer Club, a 1000 student marching band, the Downtown Arts District, and dozens of other artists and performers bring the streets of Downtown Orlando to life.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Cloak and Blaster brings back board games.

Justin Heidenreich told me about The Cloak and Blaster (875 Woodbury Rd #108, Orlando, FL), a new pub dedicated to geek culture and gaming. The reason for my trip to the Cloak and Blaster was to research it as the spot for an illustration I need to do for a game box. Latice is a new board game that was designed here in Orlando. A successful Kickstarter campaign means the game is about to go into production. At the very heart of The Cloak and  Blaster dwells an extensive tabletop game library, which includes board, card, party games, and more from both indie and mainstream publishers. They also provide dozens of games funded solely through Kickstarter!

Years ago, over a particularly violent game of Munchkin, owners Markus and Andrea discussed their love for gaming and craft beer. It was Andrea’s dream to open a Tolkien-inspired restaurant, and Markus always wanted to incorporate craft brewing into his career. Naturally, the idea came about for a place that incorporated quality craft drinks, ample gaming space, and a themed tavern atmosphere for the ultimate geek-perience. How cool would it be to transport yourself to Middle Earth for pints in steins?

The Cloak and Blaster provides the ultimate creative, safe space for geeks of all walks of fandom to enjoy delicious tavern fare, quality craft beverages, and great gaming with friends. Hey, you can even make new ones! Forget the stress of cleaning your house for company or deciding whose turn it is to host. We offer a one-stop shop for getting together; your friendly neighborhood pub where you can geek out and game on.

On the evening I visited the Cloak and Blaster, the next table had a  group of 50 somethings were playing a card game called Horrible People  that had them laughing the whole time. At the end of my table, a young couple was on a date, ranking horror movies and talking about Halloween Horror nights at Universal Studies. I was surprised that she rated Shawn of the Dead as one of her top 10 movies. This is a great spot to sit and sketch, because people eat dinner rather fast, but when they are having fun playing games, they tend to linger and enjoy each others company. I suspect there is a resurgence in people playing board games because it offers people a chance to look up from their phones and interact face to face.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Crawling on Earth Day

Earth Day happened to fall on the same day as the World Wide Sketch Crawl. I organized the Orlando Sketch crawl to take place in Lake Eola Park so that we could sketch the Earth Day festivities. I had a tent space, so I made that the home base where all the artists could gather. The tent was right next to IBEX puppetry's tent, so there was Q sketch opportunity right there.

About four artists showed up, and at lunch time, we all went to the food vendors who were set up around a huge Live Oak tree. A belly dancer performed, but I didn't sketch since I was still eating. Gay Geiger did manage to get a sketch. After lunch I ran across this artist painting a light bulb shaped earth. There was also a woman helping with the painting, but she left before t could catch her. Jeannette McCree stopped to catch this sketch as well.

Researching Ideas, I found out that it is  a media and experience design company using the premise that powerful stories create powerful experiences.Their vision is of an enriched, diverse, and flourishing worldwide community connected through stories. IDEAS has announced that after 6 ½ years, it will be moving from its current home in Downtown Orlando. No immediate timetable or future location has been determined.

Over all, hosing the sketch crawl at the Earth Day Festival was an amazing experience. Everyone got some great sketches and it was fun meeting new artists.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Phantasmagoria VI "The Darkness Returns" to the Orlando Shakespere Theater.

I went to sketch the final dress rehearsal of "The Darkness Returns" at the John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center 812 E Rollins St, Orlando, Florida. Having just returned from 
sold out performances in Orlando and Atlanta with the touring show “Wicked Little Tales”, Phantasmagoria Orlando/DiDonna Productions is presenting Phantasmagoria  VI “The Darkness Returns” to celebrate the 2015 Halloween Season and its sixth year in Central Florida!

The show will thunder on to the Mandell Stage with all new stories of terror! Live performers, “Phantastical” dance, explosive stage combat, large scale puppetry, aerial performance and haunting storytelling combine to create a tapestry of macabre and whimsical horror!

The evocative troupe of storytellers, dancers, and chorus embarked on their newest journeys through the literary tales of terror, as well as horrific folk stories, legends, and myths from around the world. “For 100 years they have not been seen except in fleeting glances, and now as we enter a new century the power and magic of the stories return. . . with very dangerous consequences.”

I have had the rare opportunity to watch this show mature over time. This newest incarnation opens with stark black and white images of World War I battle scenes projected on the back wall. The horrors of the tales told are more deeply routed in the horrors of man's inhumanity to man. The first tale involved a man's obsessive desire to kill a cat. With the deed done, the cat hung stiff and lifeless from a tree, managing to stay completely still while the tree limbs danced in a breeze. A magician performed for the jaded cast of storytellers but even they were amazed by what seemed like a predictable trick that alluded reason. Their stories are themselves magical because the tales become tangibly alive and viscerally dangerous.

When the cast hits it's stride, there is a certain whimsical delight as they re-tell the tales of horror. Each character has a back story which has developed over time, but the show holds up as being self contained. Members of the cast often mysteriously appear in the audience and you might be startled as they whisper in your ear. There was a new Russian inspired dance routine in which all the female cast held hands and then each twirled in succession until they formed a tight knit, cross armed line. The aerialists stretched and contorted themselves with a grace causing an awed silence in the theater. There is no better way to warm up to the horrors and chills of Halloween than to see Phantasmagoria "The Darkness Returns".

(All Performances begin at 8pm, with VIP show immediately following main stage show)
Oct 10 (Sat), Oct 11 (Sun)
Oct 16 (Fri), Oct 17 (Sat), Oct 18 (Sun) Oct 19 (Mon)
Oct 23 (Fri), Oct 24 (Sat), Oct 25 (Sun), Oct 26 (Mon)
Oct 30 (Fri), Oct 31 (Sat)

(SUGGESTED AGES: Phantasmagoria contains horror of the literary kind, but is still frightening. Suggested ages are 8 and up with parental guidance. With all respect, infants, babies and younger children may not be admitted)

Student/Senior/Military Admission - $15.00
Student/Senior/Military VIP Admission - $25.00
General admission - $25.00
General VIP Admission - $35.00
(VIP Admission includes Pick of Seating, VIP post show performance, Take home Souvenir, Download of Halloween night story, Photo Op with cast and glass of wine or soft drink)
Reserve (for will call cash only at door) 407-328-9005
Credit card orders visit

Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekend Top 6 Picks for October 10th and 11th.

Saturday October 10, 2015
9am to 3 pm Free. Sanford Farmers Market. Sanford Florida at First and  Magnolia.

1 pm to 11 pm Free. 10th annual Winter Garden Music Fest in Historic Downtown Winter Garden. The free three-day outdoor and indoor music celebration held on Plant Street features over 30 musical groups and performers of various genres from Central Florida. Hours on Sunday are 1pm to 5 pm.

8pm to Zam  Free, but get a drink. "Return of the Dead" Art Show. The Falcon Bar and Gallery, 819 E Washington St, Orlando, FL. Art Show theme open to interpretation. FYI, Walking Dead season premiere will be the same weekend.

Sunday October 11, 2015 
11am to 1 pm  Donation based community YogART class: 7 Chakra series. Artegon Marketplace 5250 International Dr, Orlando, Florida. Every 2nd Sunday of the month YogART will be hosting FREE Color Therapy Yoga classes for the community at Artegon Marketplace (located in the community room across from section B6 - use movie theater entrance)
We are excited to bring you our "7 Chakra Series" that will focus each class on each individual chakra: breaking down it's color, meaning, location and function. This particular class will revolve around our second major energy point known as "The Sacral Chakra".
Color Therapy glasses will also be provided for those who wish to experience the effects of color therapy. Orange will be the primary focus for our Root Chakra but you may wear any color you want to work with.
This is an ALL LEVELS class which incorporates stretching, breathing exercises and light yoga poses geared around the Sacral Chakra.
We also have a color wheel on our site that explains the benefit of each color (glasses) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.
Please bring your own yoga mat and prepare to unwind.

Noon to 4:30 pm Free Family Day. The Mennello Museum of American Art, 900 East Princeton Street, Orlando, FL. The make-and-take craft table is open from noon-2:30 p.m., and docents are available to give mini-tours of the museum. Then it's open house in the galleries until 4:30 p.m.

9pm to11pm Free. Comedy Open Mic. Austin's Coffee, 929 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL. Free comedy show! Come out & laugh, or give it a try yourself.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pop Up Discos in Miami try Stayin Alive.

Terry's friend Elaine Pasekoff organized monthly Pop Up Discos in Miami. Her thought was that 50 somethings aren't interested in the modern club scene, but they have fond memories of their disco days. Elaine had a birthday Disco party that was a blast, and she wanted to keep the party going. She used to work for the Miami Herald, so she called in favors to get ad space for her Pop Up Disco concept. During Art Basel, this disco had a fair attendance, but it was to far from the main arts scene to really pull in a huge crowd. The venue changes month to month and this one was in a small back room of a bar. A friend of Elaine's was the DJ.

When the evening was over, Elaine confided that she is about to give up on the Pop Up Disco concept. It is a full time job to promote the event on social media and the newspaper. Attendance was never as high as she had hoped so the profits don't justify all the hours she puts in to keep the concept alive.  A young crowd had been offered a discount on the cover charge since they livened up the dance floor. Unfortunately most 50 somethings are content to stay at home rather than kick up some dust on a disco dance floor.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Maxine's for the Holidays.

Maxine's on Shine, 338 Shine Avenue Orlando FL, is an intimate restaurant where discerning locals go to taste fine wines and have a great meal. The owners, Maxine and Kirt Earhart are always there to meet and greet. Maxine shoots photos of regular customers and Kirt has a wonderful way of addressing everyone and making them feel at home. The restaurant recently won the title of the best neighborhood restaurant and the title is well deserved. If you ever want advice on a wine selection, then be sure to ask Kirt because he has a refined since of taste and he knows his wines.

Each week there are themed dining experiences. Every Tuesday is Maxines neighborhood perks which half off on bottles of wine worth $40 or more. Wednesdays are Maxine's Girls Night out which provides happy hour all night long for the ladies. Thursday has Parlor Nights which focuses on guitar, baroque, flamenco, and or blues depending on the performer. It is a great date night out, On the second Thursday of every month,  Maxine's takes part in Thornton Park's Art and wine Walk . You can meet the artist whose work in hanging in the restaurant and you can sample wines from a featured winery. Friday nights the main stage comes alive with the best from Orlando's live music scene. Satiation Saturday has a full rejuicication brunch from 10 am to 3 pm. Happy hour is all day long until A pm when college football hits the tube.  The evening then features live music. Sunday features a rejuicication brunch from 10 am to Up m and then there is Serendipity Sunday Supper Club which features weekly acoustic music hand picked by WPRK's Jessica Pauli.

Keep in mind that reservations are highly recommended because this place fills up fast especially on weekends. I've had dinner at the bar several times and the food has always been great. This is the place in Orlando to see and be seen.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

FAVO showcases local art, rain or shine.

Faith Arts Village Orlando (FAVO),  221 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida, features 36 art studios open for public viewing, food trucks, live music, and children's fun art projects. The family friendly event happens every first Friday. The former motel comes alive with art. It was a rainy day when I did this sketch of Will Benton's studio space on the second floor at FAVO. Friends visited sitting on his couch and will sold one of his pieces. will has been painting really large canvases that reach to the ceiling. One canvas featured large spiraling Ultramarine circles that matched a lampshade.

This sketch was done from outside Will's studio looking in. Thankfully there was some cover from the rain but wind gusts sometimes caused some spray to settle on the page. A guitarist performed which offered a calming effect. I went to FAVO to see a show that featured artists paintings on sneakers titled, So Shoe Me. Organized by Deliz V. Berrios and Bethany Taylor Meyers the show was  incredibly fun, the room even had a central bench where you could sit down and try on the art to see if it fit. I felt it was too cramped in the small motel room for me to sit down to sketch,  I'd be blocking art. My solution was to be a voyeur on the outside looking in.

On Friday October 2nd Jack Void showed his ceramic work at FAVO. That is the great thing about this monthly showcase, there is always something new to see. Mark your Calendar, the next FAVO is on Friday November 6th from A pm to 9pm.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Emotions Dance heats up the holidays.

I needed to pick up some art that I had donated to a 7 Deadly Sins performance. I arrange to to go to an Emotions Dance rehearsal to pick up the art and possibly sketch. Emotions Dance had moved to a new dance studio, (145 Wekiva Springs rd. Suite 145 in Longwood). A landmark was a Graffiti Junction which seems to be every where these days. Larissa Humiston the dance company's founder greeted me and gave me the artwork. The room had dozens of folding chairs set up for a recital, so it was easy to find a place to sit and sketch.

A male and female dancer were performing a romantic duet. They went through the motions but weren't generating enough heat. Larissa shouted, "You're going to look like you are madly in love by the time I get done with you." An under study followed the female dancers moves without dancing all out. Sketching dance rehearsals is always a challenge because I need to pick out one moment from an endless stream of graceful fluid dance. I'm never completely satisfied but that is what keeps me coming back.

Emotions Dance offers a variety of classes and workshops for all levels. Adult open contemporary classes are held every Tuesday night for only $10/ $8 professional rate. All classes are located at Turning Pointe-145 Wekiva Springs Road Suite 145 in Longwood. 9-10:30pm. Each week we do a little bit of everything, ballet barre warm up and technique work, across the floor with jumps and turns and then a combination at the end of class in either ballet, jazz, modern or contemporary. Join to get a full body workout and technique class!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The OrlandoiX Welcome Party at Wall Street Plaza.

OrlandoiX features five power-packed days (October 2 to 6) of dynamic keynotes, panels, exhibits, and entertainment that showcases leading advancements in entertainment technology, interactive media, and digital arts. Prepare to meet the largest brain trust of knowledge and connections you have ever reached in one week. No other event attracts this many technology-astute early adopters from disparate, yet complementary, backgrounds. Attendees will include: game developers, designers, producers, creative technologists, animators, artists, programmers, tech enthusiasts, national media, venture investors, and digital entrepreneurs.

The opening night welcome party was held downtown at Wall Street Plaza. Since this is a tech centric event, [ decided to take my new tablet out on location. I just started using a Cintig Companion 2 and I've put free trials of Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, and SAI. Since Windows 10 is also a free download, I decided to get that operating system up and running since I find Windows 8 to be quite confusing. I went inside the barricaded party area and got a wrist band covered in bats. I started sketching an inflatable IZEA sign and the stage using SAI, but then the program froze up and closed, giving me a cryptic message. "Unprotected exception, application has terminated by unprotected exception." WTF! I tried opening the programs but kept getting the same warning. Finally [ decided to switch over to Sketchbook Pro which is what I used to do this sketch. Since I got crowded inside the barricades, I decided to sketch from outside the enclosure to avoid sketching a sea of butts.

As I worked on this sketch I got a low battery warning. I saved and kept sketching in a panic. Three disheveled, pleasantly drunk people looked over my shoulder as I raced against the battery. "That is dope! I always thought technology sucked but that is amazing, It's just like a pencil on paper." Another couple of drunk guys stood in front of me saying something about my sister. I ignored them until they got bored and left. It threatened to rain and stage hands rushed to set up a tent over the DJ to protect the equipment. I had the same concern, but the faint mist never became rain.  Then the screen went black. Well, I guess the sketch is done.  I was so annoyed. I should have brought a sheet of paper and a pencil!  I had spent most of my time fighting software problems. Back at home I worked until 2 am to try and get SAI to open up. After going into a misc.ini file and changing a 0 to a 1, it finally started to work. Although technology was more of a hindrance than a help, it is still a mountain that I need to climb.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Outside the Spectum Tent at Art Basel local artists worked.

The Spectrum Tent at Art Basel in Miami featured Monique Lassooij and Eleazar Delgado hard at work on large canvases. Monique's work is somber being executed mostly in black and white with some hints of red, while Eleazar's work was bright with orange flames visible even on the back of his canvas. The canvases were held up with two by four supports which were anchored into the ground using lengths of re-bar. I found some nice shade and started sketching. The Art Miami tent was right across the street. There is so much happening during Art Basel that it seems redundant going into the tents. Besides the art, there is the lure of air conditioning however.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekend top 6 Picks forSaturday October 3, 2015 and October 4, 2015.

Saturday October 3, 2015.
11pm to 1pm. Free. Book Launch Party: Perspective Made Easy by Robbie Lee. Bookmark It 3201 Corrine Drive, Suite 109, Orlando, Florida. What better way to celebrate Florida Bookstore Day than with a Book Launch Party! Join local illustrator, beloved art teacher and now AUTHOR, Robbie Lee, on Saturday, October 3 for the launch of his new book "Perspective Made Easy" by Impact Press (2015).
Besides giving us a peak into his creative process, Robbie will be leading hands-on drawing demonstrations, so bring your imagination! Delicious treats will be provided by Audubon Park favorites La Femme du Fromage and Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux. Budding artists of all ages welcome!
Designed to teach readers of all skill levels how to draw the world around them- everything from cars, rooms, and landscapes to rockets, furniture, and pants- with realistic and convincing depth, Perspective Made Easy's format is a colorful blend of a comic and traditional step-by-step instruction.
Plus rumor has, it's pretty dang funny too.

1pm to 4pm Free. Fan Faire 2015. Hart Memorial Central Library, 211 East Dakin Avenue, Kissimmee, Fl. The time has come, geeks one and all, for our yearly Fan Faire! A comic-con celebrating all fandoms. If you love Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, GoT, OUaT, LOTR, Anime, Manga, Comics, Pixie Hollow, Minecraft, or more, cosplay your best and join the rest! Games, prizes, costume contests, and crafts aplenty. View presentations by experts and shop local artists.
Check out our website!
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Orlando
Grand Artifice at

7pm to 9 pm. Free. Functionally Literate presents: Padgett Powell. Celebrate 3 years of Functionally Literate, plus Florida Bookstore Day, and the release of Padgett Powell's latest book: Cries for Help, Various.
Readings begin shortly after 7pm and feature: Padgett Powell, Rebbecca Evanhoe & Beth McKee.
Free & open to the public.
Beer & wine by donation.
Books for sale by Bookmark It Bookstore.
Book signing to follow the reading.
This event is part of Burrow Press' 5-year anniversary double-header. Consider making a tax-deductible donation to Burrow, or purchasing tickets to our October 7th Literary Death Match. More info here:

Sunday October 4, 2015.
3pm to 5 pm. Free. Pine Castle Historical Society quarterly meeting. Pine Castle Woman's Club 5901 South Orange Ave, Orlando FL 32809 (at the corner of Oak Ridge Road).Christie Woods will present on the Mary Ball Washington Museum & Library as a potential vision for our new Pine Castle History Center.
Please join us for snacks and root beer floats courtesy of our local A&W!

9pm to 11pm. Free.  Comedy Open Mic. Austin's Coffee: 929 W Fairbanks Ave Winter Park, FL. Free comedy show! Come out & laugh, or give it a try yourself.

9pm to 11pm. Free. Solo Acoustic Spoken Word. Natura Coffee & Tea, 12078 Collegiate Way, Orlando, FL. 407 482-5000

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Kerouac House Poluck

The Kerouac House Project supports writers wit no a writing residency program. It was part of the lore of College Park, a cozy northwest Orlando neighborhood, that Jack Kerouac lived in the area for a short time in 1957–58 when his classic work On The Road was published to much acclaim. It was also the place he typed the original manuscript of his sequel, Dharma Bums. Very few people knew exactly where in College Park he lived, and nobody seemed to be aware of the historical significance of such a place. When a new writer arrives there is usually a potluck dinner so that the writer can get antiquated with the local literary scene.

On this evening I arrived early, so I decided to sketch the house in the gloaming hour after sunset. This is the first tome I saw the historical marker outside the home. The marker was erected a few months ago to honor Jack's legacy. Now that the home has been researched, it has become a literary pilgrimage site for visitors from out of town. Almost every author who has been a part of the residency program has reported that groups of of people will randomly show up at the door wanting to get a peek inside.

These potlucks usually end with a group of people on the porch debating literature, punctuation and work events. After a few bottles of wine, all the worlds problems have been solved, or at least viewed in an entertaining light.