Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thanksgiving at home.

My sister Pat Boehme drove to Orlando from Port Charlotte to spend Thanksgiving with Terry and I. We sat around the dining room table going over old family photos. Pat was able to identify some people that to had not been able to identify. For thanksgiving all went to Mitchell's Fish Market (460 N Orlando Ave #122, Winter Park, F) in Winter Park Village. The reservation was for 2pm and at that time, the restaurant was less than half full. Driving on Thanks giving Day was an absolute joy because there were no of the cars on the road. Orlando was a ghost town.

Mitchel's had a traditional Thanksgiving diner for $27. The appetizer, had was a seafood gumbo the was absolutely delicious. Honestly I was satiated after the gumbo, but the turkey dinner was so good, that I managed to wolf half of it down. Desert was a slice of pumpkin pie. Terry had purchase an apple pie and a pumpkin pie a Publix, and we had baked the pumpkin pie the night before, so I knew there as a whole pie cooling down at home. After going out for dinner, we sat around the living room watch in movies and trying to digest all the food. Pat's Stomach started rumbling and we didn't have any Pepto-Bismol, so we gave her a heating pad to put on her tummy and that seemed to help.

Terry had rented two movies. On was "Far from the Madding Crowd" this is definitely a Victorian Era woman's film. The female lead planed by Carey Mulligan  meets three men each of which asks for her hand in marriage almost immediately. Life just doesn't work that way, although maybe it did way back then. Pat and I watched the film while we waive for Terry to gel home, then after our Thanksgiving meal Terry wanted to watch the film. That is when I got my sketch done for the day. 

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