Monday, December 21, 2015

Discovering the Milk Stout Float.

On Saturday December 12, there was a house warming potluck at the Kerouac House to welcome the new resident author Sarah Viren.I had spent all day creating invites for workshops and a party to ring in the new year.  I knew Terry wanted to go to the potluck, but she was out getting a pedicure. I hadn't done a sketch for the day, so I decided to drive over to the Kerouac House to do a nocturnal sketch of the house before people arrived for the potluck. I got in my ca and texted Terry to let her know I was heading over early. She responded, "I thought we would drive over early."

Time for a change of plans. I decided instead to just walk around our neighborhood and sketch g home with a decent Christmas light display. The sun had just set as I walked the neighborhood. This home which was clearly hosting a holiday party caught my eye. As night settled in, the sketch got darker. I was seated in a yard across the street in the shadow of a hedge. Mosquitoes kept burning in my ears, so l raised the black hoodie to muffle the buzzing. The mosquitoes must have liked the glow of my tablet screen as well, so I kept slapping my chest to try and crush the mosquitoes that became visible silhouetted against the computer's glow.

Two children were doing somersaults in the yard next door while it was still light. Their mom then took a large black poodle for a walk. They disappeared and then returned about a half an hour later on my side of the street. The large poodle was sniffing around the lawn I as seated on. When it was maybe fire fee away, it froze. It had noticed me. The dog owner however hadn't noticed me. She tugged at the leash an the leash and then shrieked when she saw me. I guess that I must have looked a bit like a terrorist, or may be the Uni-bomber in my black hoodie being lit from below by the computer's glow.

At the Kerouac Potluck, Danielle Kessinger introduced me to an amazing drink known as a Milk Stout Ice cream float. Milk Stout is dark beer much like Guinness. When I order a Guinness at an Irish bar, I like I get it with a slice of chocolate cake. Something about a dark beer and sweet is perfect together. The Milk Stout float has the same magical taste combination.  I now confider it a holiday tradition. Whenever you attend a party crowded with authors drinking wine, the conversations become insightful, deep and also hilarious. Though usually a voyeur, I found myself jumping into conversations left and right and laughing until I had to catch my breath. There is nothing quite like the fellowship of artists. I floated off the porch when it was time to go. Thankfully, Terry drove.

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