Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Waiting to get blood taken.

I see two different doctors about trying to alienate chronic neck pain. Anytime I see on or the other, they order blood work.  It seems like I'm always driving to Quest Diagnostics to give blood. j don't mind the process, I'm getting used to the small prick as the needle goes in. I just can't look as the pipettes fill with an blood. Far worse is to wait before getting in. Like an emergency wait in room there always seems to be a crowd. Once you get past the first waiting room there is a second waiting room. Both have insipid TV programs blaring, so I'm glad I escape into a sketch.

The present cocktail of pain killers and muscle relaxants seem to keep me functioning, Anytime the prescriptions run out, and they always do, I am reminded that I very much need them. I need to follow up with chiropractors and physical therapists, all of which didn't work in the past, but maybe I just saw an incompetent practitioner. Meanwhile the drug dealers keep me functioning until I find more holistic solution.

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