Saturday, September 12, 2015

Robert Johnson tears it up on the Mushroom Stage.

0n November 29th, Terry and I went to Kim Bucheit's 24 hour "Old Sport" or "Black Friday Boycott" party. When it got dark, Robert Johnson set up his equipment on the Mushroom Stage. Blue Christmas lights were strung out on the stage and larger warm bulbs were hung around the periphery of the tent. Solar bulbs illuminated each of the 4 corner supports. About 15 feet from the tent a large bonfire snapped and glowed. For several songs Robert was joined by drummers who set the primal beat.

Robert has two original songs that I absolutely love. One is about an artist painting his masterpiece and the other is an ode to Orlando. Robert draws most of his influence from the road. He is a poet, writer, producer, and visual artist. For the past 3 years, he has spent his time recording demos for upcoming projects, and touring through America and parts of Europe. His solo sound is that of a gypsy-pop folk singer heavily influenced by American music of the 50’s; soul singers; and Euro gypsy music. Between sets, Robert offered me some of the good stuff to help me loosen up my line work. When the music died, everyone gathered around the fire to tell stories.

Some partiers had their tents. Terry and I had our sleeping bags and Kim was kind enough to find us some floor space.  The younger crowd stayed up all night keeping the fire burning. In the morning the fire kept us warm as we enjoyed mimosas and muffins By next year this stage will have been taken over by bulldozers to make way for a new parkway. Old Sport and Old Florida are slowly becoming things of the past.

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