Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Star Child's Odyssey: A Retrospective View Into the Imaginative World of Toni Taylor

Star Child's Odyssey: A Retrospective View Into the Imaginative World of Toni Taylor opened on August 15th at Gods and Monsters, inside Artegon, (5250 International Drive; Suite E8, Orlando, Florida). I held a free ticket give away last week on AADW and Toni won the ticket to "The Visit" by M. Night Shamalan. I decided to visit her opening to present her with the ticket and to sketch. Toni was one of the first artists I met when I started doing one sketch a day. She was kind enough to let me visit her studio to watch as she painted.

Toni Taylor began her professional illustration career in 1985 as a cover artist for Heavy Metal Magazine. She is a visionary artist whose work travels through the realms of fantasy and mysticism. She feels a special kinship with the mysteries of Ancient Egypt as well as the spirit of Native America. Goddess imagery is represented powerfully in her collection and as a lover of all things celestial, the beauty and limitlessness of the Cosmos often finds its way into her paintings. Mark Your Calendar! Toni's paintings will be on display for one month.

Toni has begun creating three dimensional tree sculptures using wire, driftwood and moss. They were quite beautiful and amazingly affordable. Dale Bartlett, the Tree Mon, helped inspire Toni to explore these mysterious miniature creations. Dale had tears in his eyes as he told me that Toni would certainly surpass her master. He was so proud of her. The retrospective showcased work from all facets of her career over the years. In the realm of her imagination anything is possible.

Anna Maiya Young and Todd Fisher the owners of Gods and Monsters had the foresight to include the Transmetropolitan Gallery inside the huge comic store. Anna told me about her bucket list of talented artists that she wanted to showcase. Those artists include, Clive Barker, David Mack, Ben Templesmith, Menton 3, David Stoupakis, Chet Zar, Damien Echols and Vaughn Belak, so her bucket list is almost complete. Needless to say there will be amazing art showcased in this venue all year.

A falconer and a knight from Medieval Times stopped in to the opening. Also some of the cast from Phantasmagoria mingled in the crowd adding to the color of the evening.  Later  performers danced with fire outside. I could feel the heat on my skin as they gracefully performed with five pronged torches. A butler offered a mistress a drink and then she became a human flame thrower spitting flames six feet in the air.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at analogartistdigitalworld@gmail.com

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