Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Joanna Solomon shares how her love life and career came Hurtling Towards Earth.

In her solo show, Hurtling Towards Earth, Joanna Solomon from Brooklyn NY, recounted her years as an aerialist in the Argentine production of De La Guardia along with her equally harrowing love stories at this year's Orlando International Fringe Festival. Auditioning for the role was extremely stressful. She felt like every other dancer and acrobat did the required moves with ease. When she confided that she might be out of her league, another actress told her, "Just fake it like the rest of us. She was amazed and delighted when she got the call back and ultimately the roll.

A small diary sat on a stool on stage. Periodically Joanna would refer to it to find letters that she had written her mom. Her close bond to her mom seems to have kept her sane during the long time she was away.  Joanna also had a boyfriend back home yet none of the letters she read were to him. Once she read a letter, she would clamp it on to a clothes line hanging in the corner of the stage.

She confided that she isn't the type of person to have an affair but an Argentinian man worked closely with her in the show. While she was suspended from a rope, he would swing her into a canvas wall, softly at first and then harder while making guttural noises. They resisted the urge for the longest time but then had an intense passionate affair. The Argentinians girlfriend of her Argentinian lover came to a wrap party. Joanne had a little too much to drink and when she went into the women's room, her lover followed her and pleaded his love for her. His girlfriend found them together and she began beating on Joanne who felt she deserved every blow.

Her boyfriend back home hacked into her Facebook account and he found plenty of evidence of her affair. She later found out that he had also had an affair while she was gone but it didn't help in healing the lost trust. She never said if she tried to get back together with either boyfriend, but I suspect they all probably went their separate ways. At the end of the show Joanne showed a movie clip of one of her aerialist performances. With so many unanswered questions I didn't fell like the show was over.

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