Sunday, May 31, 2015

Late With Lance at Fringe.

Late With Lance starring Lance Jonathan, was in the Brown Venue inside the Orlando Museum of Art. A poster in the museum showcased the new, hip marketing campaign the museum has started. Over a photo of the museum was written "Orlando Museum O Art". Was this a typo, had they forgotten the "f" in "of"? Perhaps it is just more hip now to leave out letters like f because o texting. Lance equated the bronze venue to a broom closet. His program which everyone got, had his acting resume on one side. He figured someone in the audience must be a talent scout. He had been the head o Big Bird in a National Tour o Sesame Street Live on Ice. He was Nana, the dog in Peter Pan and a Snow Baby in Ice Capades. His skills include, blending into a crowd, crying and or laughing on cue and talking fast.

The last was definitely true, because he was a whirlwind from the moment he got on stage. He pulled a "Late with Lance" banner out o a bucket and used the lid as a blinking marquee.  He pulled a woman out o the audience to act as his co-host for a talk show. The second she spoke, he interrupted her to point out that her sole purpose was to laugh. He pulled another woman out o the audience and asked her intimate questions that required plenty o thought. When she answered, he would prod for more information, saying "And... please go on." When asked what her most uncomfortable experience in life had been, she replied "Right now." David Horgan, one o DEM Guys who sees as many shows as humanly possible, held up well under interrogation. His years of watching theater lead him to catch Lance as he made a remark that was a segway to a musical number.

The auburn hair made Lance look rather young. From my front row seat however I could see that his side burns didn't match the hair. Lance let us know that he had asked quite a few stars to come to Orlando to be interviewed on his show. He would periodically check with his tech guy to see if anyone had called. The audience would console him in these moments o disappointment. When he isn't performing exotic Fringe shows, Lance helps his dad and his boyfriend doing a dinner theater show on a cruise ship. A call finally did come, from his dad, and Lance quickly stripped to get into a hula skirt along with a coconut bikini. The wig came off along with his shirt and his young energetic facade crumbled. This was a fun hour of high energy performance. The streamers and banner went back into the bucket.  This was a fun, high energy hour of theater and I admire anyone who can maintain that level of energy for an hour.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


Peter Michael Marino said...

Your work is outstanding and I'm incredibly grateful for this! Thank you for sharing your talent! XO Pete

Thor said...

Thanks Pete!