Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Glancing inside my skull and neck.

I've started seeing doctors again about finding a solution to constant head aches and neck pain. This has resulted in constant blood tents and getting MRI's of my skull and neck. It also results in testing my patience in waiting rooms. This fellow across from me was able to nod off while he waited.

An MRI is an adventure. You lay down on a white plank and a face and neck clamp is hinged over your head to keep your head still, much like in a roller coaster. Then you are rolled back into a tight cylinder to wait. Their is one tiny mirror inside which allows you to glance at the technician behind the controls. Sketching would have been impossible. The metal on the pencil and the spiral binding on the sketchbook would have caused havoc because of the huge magnets that must spin around inside the machine.

What followed was a loud series of screeches, clicks and beeps. I imagined they set the beat to music and I danced to the tones inside my head. I didn't move a muscle. If there was something wrong in there, I wanted them to find it.

At the headache doctors office, I listened as Dr. Scharfman listed a series of symptoms of the patient in the room next to me in his sing song voice. Maybe some of the symptoms are just in the patients head rather than being caused by an incurable pinched nerve. No doctor has ever offered a solution to pain. It is far too mercurial. They only offer increasing dosages of drugs. I had a doctor try to burn the nerve that might be causing the problems at the 5th disk of my vertebrae, but he prayed to God to guide his hands and I suspect god didn't listen.

I've decided to start running again each morning at 7am. Having a more active lifestyle isn't a cure but it couldn't hurt. Well, I take that back. It has been several years since I ran a 5k and my legs feel like lead. I'm just jogging maybe a quarter mile around my neighborhood, but I'm pleased that I can still go the distance. I'm also going to start researching neck exercises online. I stretch my neck each morning in the shower but I need to strengthen those muscles which might help. At least I am taking steps to find my own cure.

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Peter Bryenton said...

With over 40 years of managing head pain you have my sincere sympathy.
Working on your own health while taking every advantage of modern medical science is a positive step.
Ballet dancers are taught the importance of keeping their upper body relaxed. There are many guides to simple exercises, for example Pilates, Yoga, Alexander Technique and similar. Seek experienced, qualified teachers. Get one to study your posture while you are in your normal sketching position.
Your dentist is abke to check your bite/jaw. I must wear a guard at night. Your needs may differ, of course.
Best wishes, Peter.

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Headaches and neck pain can signal something serious. So better address it immediately. Make sure to consult health professionals rather than fixing it yourself or you might end up making thing worse. There are lots of available treatment options to choose from. Try and find out what will work for you best. Good luck!

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