Monday, February 9, 2015

A thunderous ride in an urban assault vehicle.

October 7th was the 31st anniversary of National Night Out which is an opportunity for police, firefighters and EMS to share their toys with the community. I went to the Winter Park Police Department, (500 N Virginia Ave, Winter Park, Florida), to see what this evening was about. The national event sponsor “ADT” was on site along with a multitude of corporate and local businesses to present various items and ideas to aid in crime prevention.The first thing to catch my eye was this huge urban assault vehicle. It looked like a cross between a Humvee and a tank. Every kid who saw it wanted to scramble inside. Parents would joke that they just wanted to take it out for a quick spin. The tiny port holes were bullet proof. Once behind the driver's seat the kids could imagine themselves driving through Winter Park's war torn streets.

A clown burst a balloon which set the K-9 German Shepard on edge.  There was free soda and hot dogs and officers were on hand to answer any questions. There was a heavy flack jacket that people could try on. A ten year old boy put it on and it hung down to his knees. I'm surprised he didn't fall over from the weight. Winter Park Lost Pets sponsored the Pet Safety Section of the event. They offered micro chipping, nail trims and giveaways. A fire truck was outside the station and kids scrambled around it as well. On a table next to me there were assault rifles and battering rams that people could handle. There was however no ammunition and I assume the safety's were on the rifles.

With my sketch done, I ordered a hot dog off the grill and enjoyed it on my walk back to my car.

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