Saturday, December 27, 2014

My resignation from Full Sail leaves me looking for new opportunities.

Right before the winter break I resigned from Full Sail. There were no parties, no severance package, no confetti or golden watches. I simply turned over the Mac Book laptop computer,the parking pass and my lanyard and walked out the doors for the last time. The last class had only seven students, so I was able to give more one on one help when needed.

Starting Christmas week I will be teaching at Elite Animation Academy. The courses I will be offering are, the fundamentals of drawing, a life drawing class and an urban sketching class. I believe there are five to seven students signed up and I'm excited to start. Elite is at most a mile from my home, so I will be burning less gas. I plan to start riding my bike to the new job, so I'll be getting more exercise. The new position at Elite will be a challenge because I have to come up with a whole new series of lesson plans. It is exciting to have the opportunity to inspire middle school and high school students to start carrying sketchbooks or digital tablets. Once you start sketching daily, it becomes an exciting lifestyle. Getting out and discovering the city by sketching has many rewards. My position at Elite is part time, so I will have more time to search for more freelance illustration assignments. It turns out that sketching weddings is an exciting alternative and if I can market it right, sketch tourism in Orlando could be another exiting opportunity.

I need to start looking for models for the life drawing class. Models will be clothed. I don't need classically trained models. Instead I'll be looking for talented people I have sketched in the past. I want to bring in creative individuals who would do what they usually do, be it playing an instrument, making a puppet or stretching before a dance. The possibilities are limitless, but for now there isn't a budget so I will have to beg from friends. The only option I can offer now is an original sketch done by me during the class.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


Eric Pinder said...

I would be willing to pose for your classes. Just make sure they have enough ink to capture my large nose.

Thomas Thorspecken said...

Hey Eric,

Thanks for the offer. I will contact you when I'm sure their are enough students.


Rob Ward said...

If you ever need Pepe to pose for you, I'm in papi.