Sunday, November 30, 2014

Brand new swan boats at Lake Eola.

When I sketch in downtown Orlando, I always park near Lake Eola. I like to walk around the lake before finding theaters, galleries or clubs. I was impressed to see that the city has invested in band new swan boats. They have canvas awnings that keep the tourists from getting sun stroke. I paddled the old swans and it is quite the aerobic workout. In that case I had to paddle and sketch at the same time. Unfortunately if you try to paddle a swan boat alone, you end up traveling in a tight circle.

Music is now being piped all around the lake and I must say it is growing on me. It is nice to have a personal soundtrack as I head off to the next sketch location. Holiday lights have been going up even before Thanksgiving and the artificial Christmas tree is already taking form next to the Disney Amphitheater. The seating area at the amphitheater now has extra police tape between the gaps in back row seats to insure that no one is tempted to sit. There is one ugly duckling in among the fleet of swans. The duck is basically a swan boat minus the black eye patch design. The duck also lacks the awning to block the sun, so insist on a swan if you are up for a paddling adventure.

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