Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bike Polo Requires Xtreem Sport Dexterity

On June 5th, I went to Langford Park (1808 East Central Blvd Orlando FL), around 6pm to watch an Orlando Bike Polo match. Not everyone had arrived yet so the bikers sat and talked. They flipped their bikes over and tuned them. The front wheels on several bikes had the spokes covered which I imagine is to keep the ball from passing through. Each contestant had a mallet which was long enough to reach the ground and was often used as a kick stand by the goalies who kept their feet on the peddles.

Once enough players arrived the split up into two teems with three bikers per team. The action is fast and furious. One of the younger bikers was working on a hopping maneuver to change directions.  He would stop and balance the bike in location and then hop up and down to change directions. Crashes were quite common. One wheelie resulted in the bike flying out from under the rider who landed hard on his tailbone. Another biker skidded into the fence inches from me. At the start I asked if I'd be out of the way leaning against the fence. As a spectator however, you are better off standing, so you can jump out of the way in case of a headlong crash.

As the first match was winding down, more bikers arrived to play in the second match. These Bike Polo matches happen every Friday starting around 6pm. Stop out to watch or play sometime. This is a unique urban experience.

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