Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Muse in Langford Park

I did a second sketch as scenes were shot for "The Muse" in Langford Park by Ragtag Troupe Productions. The director Mathew Carroll was always behind the cameraman to see how the scene was being shot. Actress Kelly Wilson who plays Rose was asking Theodore the Magnificent if she could help. She kept asking until Theodore blew up and started shouting at her. In the distance several other actors stumbled into the scene.

Just outside this staging area, Kelly's mom noticed a pile of dog droppings. To help the cast and crew, she decided to mark the spot by pressing a stick nearby as a marker. When she put her weight into pressing the stick down, it snapped and she almost fell face first into the landmine.

While the establishing shot was being filmed for this scene, a mother and her children wandered into the shot. The cast and crew waited but she stayed in the shot. Finally the stage manager walked over to the family to ask them to move. They did, but the mom must have decided she had every right to be in the shot and she was back five minutes later. Any time a car drove by, the shot had to be redone as well. That is one small advantage of a sketch, if I don't want something in the sketch, I can just ignore it.

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