Thursday, September 11, 2014

Skill Focus Show to Feature Horror and Humor

On Friday September 12, Skill Focus Burlesque will feature "Horror" at The Venue (511 Virginia Drive Orlando FL). Halloween will kick off early this year with your favorite nerdy burlesque troupe! This Burlesque show will be a sexy celebration of all things horror! They plan to  summon classic characters from all over the horror genre. Your worst nightmares have never been so scintillating!

I went to a rehearsal on the East side of town. When I drove into the housing development, I realized I had been here for quite a few parties at a home just a block away from the rehearsal space. This town keeps shrinking. Inside, I heard loud laughter, so I knew the rehearsal had started. I walked past the seamstress who was working on refining costumes in the living room. On stage, the performer was covered in blood with a nasty open mouth where her stomach was. At the moment of the big unveiling,  comical googly eyes dangled from springs where her nipples would have been. It was a hilarious routine and I wish I had gotten there early enough to sketch it. Rosita Sparkles didn't recognize me to I had to introduce myself.

From her, I discovered that the rehearsal was half over. Oh, Damn! I had to sketch a double speed just to get something on the page before the rehearsal was over. I quickly sketched Rosita's witch routine when she first started dancing fully cloaked. The music was from Beetle Juice and she had on long black and white stockings that were removed with ample flourish to the beat of the music. I was in panic mode the whole time. The rehearsal flowed by a a breakneck pace.

The sound technician who was supposed to get the music mix ready had dropped the ball. Ruby Darling quickly ran through the music that would accompany the group dance numbers. These group dance numbers were quickly blocked out on the fly. One of the last numbers involved the whole cast downing jello shots and then the Horror vibe switched to a sultry 60s dance party. I was surprised that the sketch was done before the rehearsal wrapped up. Ruby Darling started addressing the Troupe about issues that came up at the last performances at Nerd Fest. This was all inside drama that doesn't need to be aired in public. I politely excused myself and slipped away. Lightning flashed on the horizon as I drove home.

When: Friday, September 12th Doors open at 10 pm Show starts at 11 pm.
Where: The Venue Orlando 511 Virginia Drive Orlando, FL 32803
Tickets:$10 General Admission $15 VIP Seating Tickets available at the door or in advance.
18+ only

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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