Sunday, August 10, 2014

Waiting at the Toyota Dealership Service Department

I had to bring my Prius in for its thirty thousand mile service to Toyota of Orlando (3575 Vineland Road Orlando FL). There was a nation wide safety recall of certain Prius models built between 2010 and 2014. My car was recalled. It seems that if there was a heavy load like a trailer, or boat attached to the car, it would not be able to handle the load an the car would shut down. I never haul anything heavier than a sketchbook, but I was concerned that the car might not handle the Florida heat. All that was needed was a software update and the power management and motor generator system would be repaired.

The thirty thousand multi-point inspection involved replacing all the fluids and rotating the tires. I had a few scuffs on the side of several tires because I park so close to curbs. The service technician tried to sell me new tires even though there is plenty of tread left. He claimed that there might be road noise since the tires were rotated but the car now is as silent as ever. I suspect he wanted to sell tires weather they were needed or not. There was a deal where you get the 4th tire free if you buy 3. The invoice also shouts out that "We Sell Tires!"

Middle aged business men used the waiting area as their office. One paced back and forth worried and upset about fees incurred in a deal. I decided to do a digital sketch since the recall was because of a computer software glitch. Just as I finished the sketch, the computer blacked out. Up until this visit to the dealership, all the service was free. The thirty thousand mile service ended up costing $730. Ouch!

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