Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Flight Home From Richmond Virginia

The flight back to Orlando from Richmond Virginia was pretty uneventful. I sketched the airport waiting area before we boarded the plane. I'm always surprised how many people are always staring at their phones. This week the Thorspecken clan are visiting Orlando from Germany, Connecticut, Upstate New York and Charleston South Carolina. They are all staying in a double suite  at a hotel only a quarter of a mile from home. The second they arrived they all were scrambling to get their digital devices hooked up to the web. Once dinner was over, the room went silent as everyone took out their phones to get "connected". It had been many years since everyone had been together. When I travel, I still write a post every day but I make it a rule not to share my experiences on Facebook. Terry has followed my lead, since writing experiences on Facebook is like announcing that "I'm not home, please take all I own."

My brother Don Thorspecken had over 500 photos on his tablet from a trip he took to Germany to visit Cornelia and Nini Thorspecken. We are related to Cornelia through Dr. Augustus Thorspecken who came to America in the 1830's. His brother remained in Germany and Cornelia is related through him.  Years ago Terry and I traveled to Germany where we met every Thorspecken we could find. Flipping through the digital photos, history came alive. Dr. Oscar Thorspecken helped save Jews destined for the work camps by making it appear like they were sick. Oscar's wife however was all for the Nazi party, proud that her son was in the war. This caused a rift in the family. Shortly after the war, one of the sons was hiking in the mountains where he was murdered for his  camera. Cornelia is a professional flute player who kept the Thorspecken name, even after she was married. I was most excited by photos Don took of photo albums he was shown in Germany. This put a face to the stories. My father pushed into Germany at the end of World War II crossing the Ruhr river and moving through the industrial district towards Berlin. He said once that he saw the Thorspecken name on a storefront. On my trip I met Herbert who served in the Luftwaffe. It is a small world. Basically every war is a civil war with distant cousin fighting cousin.

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Viktoria Berg said...

"It is a small world. Basically every war is a civil war with distant cousin fighting cousin."

This is so true. The wars scatter the survivors and we loose touch. It can be a wonderful experience to get in touch with lost relatives, but for some it is disappointing. Our experiences shape who we become, for better and for worse.

I have followed your blog for a while and just want to say how inspiring your drawings and stories are. Even from far away in Sweden. Thank you!