Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Davis Gaines Performed an Intimate Cabaret at the Abbey

On June 1st, Terry and I went to Double Standards, an intimate Cabaret by Davis Gaines at The Abbey (100 S. Eola Drive Orlando, FL).  Davis is best known for being the longest running phantom for Phantom of the Opera in LA. He often returns to perform in Orlando. Double Standards, featured unique and compelling song pairings, bringing fresh and unexpected takes on familiar standards from The Great American Songbook.

It was a relaxing evening of music with the audience sitting at round tables sipping wine. The pianist, Carol Anderson was amazing, Mark Neuenswander was on bass and Keith Wilson was on Drums. There were standard show tunes and old classics like Over the Rainbow. I respect Davis' singing voice but often felt like some expressiveness was missing in his face, like LA had ironed away some of his soul. Regardless, he is a consummate performer, although he was quite fazed by the sound system being a bit off. He was unable to hear himself sing on stage. I've sketched him a number of times over the years, so you could say I'm a consistent fan.

Terry and I went out for Mexican food afterwards at Mucho Tequila And Tacos (101 South Eola Drive Orlando, FL). There was a huge confusing selection of margaritas. It seems Mexican restaurants are learning from Starbucks where you need to be an expert to get a drink. My fist choice turned out to be a bathtub sized drink, so I had to downsize. Terry wasn't pleased with her food, but my Chimichanga was just fine.

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