Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Family Night Out at O' Stromboli Gourmet Italian Eatery

There was going to be an event at Taps From Scratch a new bar across the street from Stardust Video and Coffee. Right after work, I drove to the Audubon Garden District and since I had time to kill before the event, I had dinner at O' Stromboli Gourmet Italian Eatery (1803 East Winter Park Road Orlando, FL).  The last time I was inside this restaurant, there were zombies at a table eating spaghetti. I still regret that I didn't sketch that scene. The place looks totally different than I remembered. I think there has been a major renovation.

At the bar, a father and son were seated watching the Andy Griffith Show. The boy who was about the age of Opie, was exploring the restaurant. Staff had given him permission to wander behind the bar and into the kitchen. Dad was enjoying a beer and talking non-stop on his cell phone. Mom stopped in sweaty from an afternoon run. The waitress, all in black would occasionally run up a costumer's tab on the computer.

I decided to order a lasagna which was quite good. A fly had made his way into the restaurant and I spent much of my time swatting it away. In Germany I remember flies were a constant nuance in restaurants but they are usually less of a problem in America. That insistent bugger certainly detracted from my dining experience. Since I was also sketching my attention became scattered. After I ate there was still quite some time before the Taps from Scratch event. I decided to call it a night. I doubt I'll ever return to O'Stromboli unless I suspect zombies might be slurping up strands of spaghetti.

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