Saturday, March 15, 2014

No More Drunken Monkey

I stopped off at the Drunken Monkey, (444 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL.) to meet Terry before heading to a party at Matt Rankin's house which was right down the street. The party was for Amanda and Matt Simantov who had just been married. Matt explained that the celebration was known as Ma’sshe Kanut. Ma’shhe Kanut is a Jewish Custom where friends wish the Bride and Groom Farewell before they returned home to their Seattle homeland.

A Traditional Ma’sshe Kanut is held at the friend of the bride. Ancient Rabbinic Law mandates a Fire to burn from the beginning of Ma’sshe Kanut (1 hour after sundown) until the last guest takes a hint that everyone wants to go to bed. If this is your first Ma’sshe Kanut, it is customary to bring Kosher Yuengling, Kosher Doritos, or Kosher something everyone will like.

Terry was running a little late, so I figured I had enough time to dash off a quick sketch over a cup of coffee. As always people sat transfixed, staring at computer screens, but who am I to talk. I'm staring at a computer screen right now. Jessica Pauli who is a band promoter was having a meeting at the next table over. All that I overheard is that the venue being discussed had a large comfortable green room. I wonder if I had sketched in that greenroom?

Terry arrived as the last watercolor washes were drying. We walked together down to Matt's house. Matt was in the backyard nursing the fire pit. It was a cold night so I rotated periodically like a pig on a spit. Chairs circled the fire and soon everyone arrived. Marshmallows were roasted on sticks.  I had a stick with multiple branches but I only roasted one marshmallow. Brian Feldman had come from Washington D.C. to witness the wedding and after this fireside chat, Amanda and Matt would fly off to Washington State.

It was toward the end of the evening when I discovered that there is no such thing as a Ma'ssh Kanut. Matt had made up the word. That didn't detract from the warmth and fellowship of the fire. I no longer go to Drunken Monkey since they used one of my sketches without consulting me on their Internet welcome page. I usually support local businesses but I can't support theft.

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