Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sea Ark

One of Clare Brown's instructors offered to take us out on his boat.The Atchafalaya River was perhaps an hour drive from the Louisiana State University. The river has thousands of islands and inlets making an easy place to get lost in. It was incredibly cold as well. The boat ramp was under a highway overpass, making a less then ideal natural setting to start. Once we lost sight of the highway however, the river was gorgeous. Everyone had binoculars. Clare is working on an ornithology Theseus. Terry like to bird watch when she is around experienced bird watchers. I'm sure she added some life birds to her list.

Clare was seated next to me with her little dog, so they didn't make it into the sketch. Clare was baby sitting the pup, so she had never taken the him onto a boat, and was a little afraid that he might jump in the water. He knew better. When the boat traveled at top speed the wind whipped right through my several layers. When we traveled at top speed, my gloved hand got wet when the bow spray caught me by surprise, so I had to ditch that glove. I just kept blowing into my drawing fist to keep it working. Terry and I aren't used to this kind of cold, but we survived. Periodically we cut the motor and everyone looked for movement in the trees. Birds were everywhere. As the sun set, the light grew golden illuminating the tree tops. As it grew dark the temperature dropped quickly. Luckily we got off the river before it got too cold. What a great way to discover the Louisiana Bayou.

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