Monday, February 10, 2014

Drive to Louisianna

On December 21st, Terry and I left for Baton Rouge, Louisiana to visit her niece Clare Brown who is studying Ornithology at Louisiana State University. Terry just purchased a Porsche Boxster that looks a bit like a shark with its black gill intakes and sleek styling. This was the first long road trip for the car she now calls Enterprise. There is no storage available in the passenger area although the fold out cup holders came in quite useful. The interior is surprisingly spacious considering this is such a compact sports car. It is a convertible, but the cold temperatures guaranteed that the roof stayed up. Terry handled the entire drive which took us all day. The temperature dropped drastically when we got to the Florida pan handle. A nice feature of the car is that the seats can generate heat if needed. That feature felt so good when we got back from a pit stop.

The school colors for LSU are purple and yellow, so Terry fit right in with her purple hair when we arrived. Clare took us to a nice Cajun restaurant on the campus and later, Rachel and Joseph, Claire's parents, joined us. From the hotel, Terry and I hiked to the LSU book store where we hoped to find some warmer clothes. We were ill equipped for the frigid temperatures. Scarves and gloves were insanely expensive however so we braved the weather in out spring denim jackets and sweat shirts. Terry had warned me but I didn't listen.

Clare has a quaint run down shack on the wrong side of the tacks right off campus that she shares with her boyfriend. Of course after a long day on the road, Terry and I were quick to crash in the hotel room.

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