Sunday, November 3, 2013


Terry's friend Elaine Pasekoff from Miami Beach Florida helped organize Pause.itive, the change with attitude. The one day empowering seminars were held on Saturday September 28th at Art Seen Gallery (2215 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami FL). The buildings in the Wynwood Arts District were covered with graffiti. Mercedes Soler. a news anchor from CNN en Espanol was the host. The seminars touched on topics that matter most to women over 35, Like Hypnosis, hormones, fitness and fashion. Presented by physicians and experts the seminars offered empowering honest dialogues about changes that every woman goes through.

Actress Vanessa Elisse stormed into the room and sat in the lone chair facing the audience, "It is hot in here or is it me?" she said. She began a comical discussion about her life changes. It reminded me of Samantha Jones of Sex and the City who gave a talk to a group of women and then said *%$k it", as she took off her wig and complained about her hot flashes. It took a few minutes to realize that this was an actress rather that a woman who had barged in late to the seminar. It was a quite effective intro.

Of course things heated up when Nilza Kallos turned the discussion Sex and Intimate Relationships. There were props, like a rather sizable vibrator and laughter helped in making the points. She was hilarious and it was encouraging because she knew she was beautiful regardless of how old she was. It also helped that she had an accent like Doctor Ruth. It was the highlight for me and when I realized I was to only guy in the room except the guy behind the TV camera. The dry medical discussions about hormone therapy were a bit too clinical for my taste. It felt like the doctor thought he was speaking to clinicians at some medical conference. Miami seems to always be the birthplace of trendy health initiatives, like the South Beach Diet that later sweep the nation. These hormone balance therapies seem to be the new hot and costly trend. The psychotherapist offered women the encouragement to accept their bodies and life changes, which contrasted the Fashion experts who were razor thin which is hard to maintain after menopause sets in. Terry seemed upset that medical experts were pushing women to pay big money to always strive for the unattainable ideal. In general though the seminar focused on promoting positive views of the inevitable changes in a woman's life.

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