Monday, November 18, 2013

The Day After Party

On October 21st, I went to The Day After Party, at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theatre (8267 International Drive, Orlando, Fl.) The organizer, Chozo Ninpo, was kind enough to let me in for a sketch. The room was set up to look like a medieval castle. The first act on stage was My Parents Favorite Music, followed by Emergency Pizza Party Area. The version I saw was simply Pizza. The singers shouted their hip hop into the mics. One singer had on a Chinese hat that hid his face in shadow. A few people stood on the dance floor swaying to the beats. While others snapped cell phone photos.

The organizer, Chozo, had items to auction off. One item was a helmet from the video game Halo. One singer from MPFM was dressed like a nerd princess but had a deep toned voice. I was most curious to see the local group, Solillaquists of Sound but they were not in the line up for the night. They performed at Nerdapalooza on Sunday night and had plans to come out to the after party but there was a scheduling conflict.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


Chozo Ninpo said...


1st of all, I love the sketch, it's awesome!

I am the organizer of The Day After Show, and I had some things to clear up on this.

1. I am Chozo Ninpo. I am not Rob Tobias, and Rob has not worked with The Day After Show ever, and hasn't worked with Nerdapalooza in years since his help starting up the festival.

2. The Day After Show is not affiliated with Nerdapalooza or the NAP LLC in any way, and is in no way or shape connected with NAP going bankrupt. The entire show is funded by sponsors and ticket sales.

3. "EPP Area" is Emergency Pizza Party, and the iteration that you saw them in was simply just "Pizza".

4. The Facebook Event did indeed mention the ticket prices and multiple places to buy them through. And yes, I am the one that let you in for free because I knew that you weren't there just to watch a nerd music show. ;)

5. Solilla performed at NAP on Sunday night. They were going to come over to The Day After to show support but ended up having issues making it out.

6. There is a new 4 day nerd music festival, the Orlando Nerd Fest, happening in August 2014. The site for it is

Hope that clears it up.


Thor said...

Thanks Chozo,

I updated the article. If you organize similar events, I hope you'll keep me in mind to cover them.


Chozo Ninpo said...

No problem!

The next big events that I'm working with are and