Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ting Pagoda

In 1987 Mayor Bill Frederick added the pagoda style gazebo from Shanghai to Lake Eola park. The gazebo is 18 feet acres and 30 feet high, built by Nelson Ying who ran the China pavilion at Epcot. Ying also organized a trip for the mayor to China. Although the structure resembles a pagoda, it isn't an official pagoda because it doesn't have a second story. The total cost to add this structure to the park was $100,000. The pagoda hides a pollution control device in the lake.

The pagoda was fenced off when I sketched it because it was being pressure washed and wood was being repaired.  The pagoda was then repainted and new LED lights were installed for night time viewing. All of the storm water in downtown Orlando drains into Lake Eola where it is treated and pollution filtered.

A group of joggers gathered on the benches around me. It should be noted that the benches were designed to be too small for transients to sleep in them. One joggers chronometer showed that he was running 5 minute miles but he had only been jogging at a relaxed pace. The application must have just wanted him to feel good about his performance.

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