Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dizzi Bone

Dizzi Bone is an energetic boxer that is owned by Kristen Wheeler and her husband Shane. Kristen is the photographer for many of the arts groups in town, and Dizzi accompanies her on many of those shoots. I first met this pup at a photo shoot for a Boudoir Bombshells calender. As models pursed their lips into sexy vowels, Dizzi did what she does best, she spun in circles. She became petrified when red, white and blue balloons began to fill the studio for the July 4th shot. A cleft palette gives her a face only a mother could love, yet she is the unofficial mascot for many Central Florida arts groups.

I went to the Wheeler's yellow Victorian house with a white picket fence in Eustice to sketch Dizzi. She was very excited when I arrived, spinning around the house, but she finally settled on the couch as Kristen made some gumbo in the kitchen. The lamp was given to Kristen by Beth Marshall. The shade is rumored to once have been used in a bordello. There was a large tumor is on Dizzi's front leg and a smaller cancerous growth was on her butt. She doesn't always get to sleep on the couch so being sketched meant she got a models privilege. Movie posters and cinema paraphernalia decorated the home. The downstairs bathroom was dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. A cat made herself comfortable on my artist stool and then batted a cat nip toy around the room as Dizzi snoozed. She would often keep one eye open just in case.

Dizzi needs surgery. The large tumor on her elbow, a small one on her hind quarters, and several other growths on her body need to be removed. The estimate Kristen was given includes pre and post care, surgery itself, medications, blood work, EKG etc. But Kristen and Shane were not approved for CareCredit so we will have to pay for everything up front. They will also have to order a custom DogLegg  for post surgery to aid in the physical therapy. With everything it comes to around $1000.00. The couple of course will be contributing what little they can, but with your help they can get her through this immediately with less stress. The amazing boxer girl is loved by so many people and Kristen can not imagine a moment without her. Help the couple heal her so she can live out the rest of her years in peace and pain free. A gofundme page was established to help raise funds. To date $775 was raised of the $900 goal.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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