Monday, July 22, 2013

Wednesday Night Pitcher Show: ANACONDA

On Wednesday June 19th I went to the free weekly Wednesday Night Pitcher Show on the lawn Enzian Theater (1300 South Orlando Avenue, Maitland, Florida). The inflatable screen was on the grass lawn next to the Eden Bar. One of the cooks had his car parked in the wrong place and he had to move it before the movie started, or he wouldn't be able to get out. The DVD was inserted into a laptop and a small projector transferred the computer image to the screen. Once the play button was pushed, the two projectionists sat in lawn chairs.

Before the screening of Anaconda, there was Jell-o shot movie trivia. A correct answer would get you and you a shot. The Eden Bar had a special evening happy hour from 7PM -11PM.  I was leaning against a tree next to the U-Haul truck that must be used to transport the screen. Behind me was the haunted swamp. Mosquitoes buzzing in my ears added a new dimension to the film. 0ne of the projectionists had bug spray and I almost begged him for some.

Jennifer Lopez played the part of a documentary National Geographic filmmaker seeking a lost tribe in the Amazon. Ice Cube played her cameraman and Jon Voight, who they save from a sunken ship leads them to the hiding place of the fearsome Anaconda, a gigantic snake that swallows a man whole, vomits him up, and eats him again. The snake is worth a fortune if captured, but will they survive? I didn't stay to find out. The mosquitoes were making me crazy.

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