Saturday, June 8, 2013

God is a Scottish Drag Queen

If you have ever questioned how God can do some of the things he does, then the notion that "God is a Scottish Drag Queen" makes some sense. Mike Delamont from Victoria BC Canada was God. Two Colbertesque posters of god in a floral dress pointed at the audience. The second God stepped on the stage with his rain barrel sized Gastronemius muscles bulging, the laughter never stopped. He skewered everything from Justin Bieber to the Pope. I grew a bit uncomfortable as he made fun of the Irish with a photo of an obvious slovenly drunk. I'm half Irish on my mother's side, but who cares, I laughed anyway.

God called up an audience member to teach her how to dance. She followed along with a practiced line dancers confidence. By the end of the hour, I had been laughing so hard my sides hurt. The buzz on the Fringe lawn that this was a hilarious show was right on the mark.  God was matronly yet always ready with a sharp quip. Thank God that God has such a sharp sense of humor. If he had a prime time news hour show, I most certainly would tune in.

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