Saturday, May 4, 2013

Toyota Service

My Toyota Prius was due for it's complimentary 10,000 mile service. The dashboard display reminded me of this everyday with a "Service Required" sign on the display. Pulling into the service carport, I was fourth in line for service. An attendant put a small plastic cone with the number 4 on the car's roof.  Every time a car was driven into the service garage, he scrambled to update the cones like a shell game.

Tony Ferrando was my service consultant. He pointed out the indoor deli and suggested I take a seat in the lounge. Most of the costumers seated around the waiting area amused themselves with their phones. One woman was knitting and the gentleman seated right in front of me was reading a real paper to get his news. There was a mother with her daughter seated next to me. She had been sitting in exactly the same spot last time I was in for service. I considered mentioning this to her but though it might come off as creepy.

Just as I finished the sketch, Tony called my name. He pointed out that everything checked out and they even cleaned the car besides changing the oil. All of this was complimentary which is unheard of in this age of hidden fees. He said he would still need my credit card although there was no charge. I handed it over cautiously. He laughed saying "Got ya! I actually asked a guy to start filling out a check once and he had it half filled out before I stopped him."

The service check up was much quicker than I expected. This new dealership is state of the art, I actually don't dread returning.

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