Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Harp & Celt

Kevin Hing informed me that musicians from Ireland were going to perform on February 23rd at Avalon Gallery. The concert was sold out, but the performers and local musicians were all going to the Harp and Celt, (25 South Magnolia Avenue), afterwards for a traditional Irish music session.

When I got to the bar, I didn't notice any musicians. I ordered a pint of Guinness at the bar and asked the bartender if he knew of any musicians coming in that night. He broke into a loud rendition of "Oh Danny Boy" in reply. Everyone at the bar had a good laugh.

I settled in at a table and waited. Within half an hour, musicians started arriving. They moved many tables together and soon the place was filled with music. Kathleen Cavanagh explained that the Irish musicians had come to Orlando to teach Tionol Irish Music Workshops that she had organized. She plays Irish bagpipes. She was particularly excited because her idol had agreed to come to Orlando to teach at the Geneva School. She tried to relate her excitement. Some people spend a lifetime trying to find the one thing that brings them happiness and a sense of accomplishment. She had just discovered Irish music in the last few years.  I recognized some local musicians like Vicki Gish on fiddle and Scott Vocca on guitar. Other musicians were from as far away as Maryland.

The Irish musicians were next door at the restaurant. I put the pencil down and just enjoyed the music. This music seems to resonate deep inside me, perhaps it is because my Grandfather on my mom's side came from Cork Ireland.

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