Friday, March 15, 2013

Drip Comic Art Party

Mega Con is at the Orange County Convention Center this week and Drip is throwing a huge party every night of the week. On Wednesday March 13th, Drip (8747 International Dr. Suite 102, Behind Denny's and Senor Frogs) had a Comic Art Party. I decided to participate by doing life sized chalk drawings of anyone in a comic themed costume on the black walls of the bar. Through March 16th, Drip is performing special Comics and Sci-Fi Shows at 8PM and 11PM each night. Tickets are $35 for the show or $43 for the show and a white Drip T-shirt. You will want the shirt because you will get wet.

Artists were invited to show any work they might have that had a comic, sci-fi or Japanese Anime theme. All mediums were encouraged. The only sketches that I could find I had done at Mega Con a few years ago. I framed them and brought them along. When I arrived, attendance was pretty thin. I asked for some chalk and waited for my first model. The dancer who performs as red, Brigetta Frias, was my first model. We both stood on a table and I sketched her life sized on the black wall. When we hopped down to see what the sketch looked like I was surprised to see how large I drew her head. That was because we were so close as I sketched her. Next, blue, Meagan Nagy, posed and my skill at drawing so large improved. All the Drip dancers wore capes. Yellow, Jessie Sander, was running around all night just to get the cape to flap in her wake.

When I sketched Tracy Lulu Brown everything clicked into place. Tracy's goth fetish outfit with a plaid skirt and fishnet stockings seemed natural rather than a costume. It wasn't until I was sketching, that I noticed she had horns. I exaggerated forms and the chalk lines flowed with a gestural ease. I think the fact that she was an artist put my mind at rest. A fire alarm had to be incorporated. Tracy is now working for Drip making sure every performance flows without interruption. Every action is set to a musical beat. I met Tracy's husband AJ who had a black mask painted on his face and black dog ears.

Shane Malesky and his wife Heather were there showcasing his Chronic Damage ArtChris Tobar had a series of his gas mask paintings across the room from me. One artist that I didn't get a chance to meet was doing little four inch square paintings of cupcakes on canvas. A make shift screen was set up where people could play a Super Mario Brothers road race game. Balloon artist Bruce Carr  had eight balloon arms that sprouted from his back. His entire head was enclosed in a white balloon helmet. He posed for me and his arms snaked all over the wall. He spent well over an hour creating a balloon mask inspired by one of Shane's paintings. It was an impressive reproduction of a red face screaming. When Bruce took off his balloon helmet he broke his glasses and I believe he had to be driven home since he wouldn't be able to drive.

I met Lynann Barr who is a beauty and special effects makeup artist. She had worked at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights where she had to crank out hundreds of face makeups a night. This was her first time doing body painting but when the evening was over she realized it had been a walk in the park. It was a first for me as well to do life sized drawings, but it was a blast. Although attendance was light, I was busy all night adding giant figures to the wall. There wasn't an artist on hand to sketch my performance. Drip is bringing Sexy back to International Drive.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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