Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl

On Super Bowl Sunday Terry and I went to the Enzian Theater to see the animated shorts that had been nominated for an Oscar this year. My favorite short was called "Adam and Dog". It was set in a gorgeous natural paradise. The backgrounds were beautifully painted with bold digital brushwork. The dog explored the world with curiosity. In one scene he playfully chased fire flies. Adam and the dog meet and continue exploring the world together until one day Adam meets Eve. He leaves with her abandoning the dog. The dog eventually finds Adam and Eve as they leave paradise ashamed and wearing clothes. All the animals look on in wonder then disappear into the woods. The dog however goes out to meet the couple. Glen Keene was a consultant for the film which was directed by Minkyu Lee. Disney's "Paper Man" was a close second on my list.

On the drive home, Terry wanted to scout out a bar where we could watch the Super Bowl. World of Beer had no food, while Bar Louie had descent flat screen TVs and a great menu.  When game time rolled around, we went to Bar Louie (7335 W Sand Lake Rd  Orlando, FL). The place wasn't very crowded. Terry ordered a huge burger and I had a spinach dip with chips. She was drinking martini's while I had a Blue Moon with a slice of orange. I finished my sketch by half time. Beyonce wowed the crowd with fireworks and some sexy hip moves. Lights flashed, the stage flamed and I'm pretty sure she was singing for real. The Ravens had dominated the first half. I hadn't really noticed since I was sketching.

When the second half came, I put the sketch away and started rooting for the 49ers. There was a movie preview for a new J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek movie titled "Into the Darkness." The lights went black in the stadium. Probably a fuse was blown from the halftime show. I wouldn't doubt that all of New Orleans might have blacked out. A five minute delay stretched out to half an hour. I got to see replays of all the touchdowns I had ignored in the first half. Most of the patrons left the bar. The 49ers began a steady come back  after the lights came back on and in the last minutes of the game the stood 5 yards away from victory. Four plays at the five yard line resulted in no yards gained. A pass to the corner of the end zone wasn't caught and I slammed my hand down on the table and shouted sending cutlery and dishes bouncing loudly. They blew it. They had every opportunity and they blew it. It was a tale of two halves and probably the longest Superbowl ever.

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