Friday, February 22, 2013

Parking Lot Blues

On February 5th after getting off work at 9pm, I decided to go downtown to One Eyed Jacks to sketch Korndog's Rock Band Karaoke. The Orlando Weekly listed the event as free so I figure it was a fine spot for a late night sketch and a drink. As I walked to the bar, I noticed these two musicians jamming at the entrance to a parking lot. "Darn", I thought, "Those guys would make a great sketch". I decided to keep on task and kept walking to One Eyed Jacks.

At the entrance to the bar I was carded even though my salt and pepper hair is a dead give away that I'm over 21. My ancient beat up license, which was probably issued before the bouncer was born, caused him to do a double take.  He called over another bouncer to take a look. I was finally given clearance and as I was walking in he said, "That will be two dollars." I turned and said, "Your kidding, right?" Well, the Weekly was wrong. I wasn't about to pay a cover for bad Karaoke, so I left.

I made a bee line back to the parking lot which is right behind the Greek Orthodox Church near Lake Eola (150 East Washington Street). Cole was teaching Kenny new riffs on the guitar. I leaned against a light pole and sketched them. Cole told me that he had been an artist once. He went to Hawaii with a portfolio and left it in a hotel room by mistake. He turned to his second love which is music. Kenny sang a solo at one point and he had a great voice. It in amazing where talent crops up in Orlando. Kenny helps organize the homeless feedings behind the church where there is often music.

Some lady was walking her toy sized dog and it took a crap on the wood chips while Cole and Kenny and myself watched. When she realized she was being watched the women said, "You wouldn't happen to have a plastic bag would you?" She and her dog slipped away to her luxury condo. Cole and Kenny laughed at her expression afterward. "She never planned to clean up after her dog." Was their conclusion.

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