Friday, February 1, 2013

Miller's Field

Terry wanted to go to a sports bar to watch the payoff games. We decided to go to Miller's Field (7958 Via Dellagio Way Ste 10 Orlando). The Redskins were playing the Seahawks. If you are a football fan then you know who won. If you are a bystander, like me then you don't really care. As I recall it was a close game with an incredible drive in the final minutes of the game. Banks of flat screen TVs covered every wall of the bar. Terry and I ordered burgers and beer and I settled in to sketch. I would glance up at the TV screens whenever there was an uproar. This place actually has purse hooks at every spot at the bar.

Before I was completely finished with the sketch, the restaurant manager, Craig Miller, informed Terry and I that we would have to move. A large group from Lincoln Financial was going to take over the room. We were pushed aside to a side table and I grudgingly abandoned the sketch. Terry let the manager know that it wasn't a good practice to push aside paying costumers.  I simply will never go back. Eventually, the financial crowd did show up filling the room. At the end of the game when we got our bill, the manager did take the cost of the drinks off the bill so he did try and make things right. The next weekend Terry and I went out to watch the play off games again. We didn't return to Miller's Field.

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